Meet Martha Haley-Bowling 1990

//Meet Martha Haley-Bowling 1990

Meet Martha Haley-Bowling 1990

  1. What did you study when you were at Ferrum? When I was a student at Ferrum, I studied Social Work and Criminal Justice.
  2. What made you want to come Ferrum and stay here?

I chose to come to Ferrum due to the Social Work Program being accredited. I loved it here. Academically it challenged me and I made lifelong friends here. That is why I stayed.

  1. What were you involved in on campus?

I was an active member of the social work and psychology clubs.

  1. Since you’ve graduated, what are you up to now?

Well, I am an Assistant Professor/Field Coordinator of the Social Work Program. I am a clinician with Radford Counseling Group working with addiction treatment and as a sex offender treatment provider. I facilitate groups in the county at District 37 Probation Office. I also provide clinical supervision for Bethany Hall Residential Substance Addiction Treatment Center for Women.

  1. How did Ferrum prepare you for what you’re doing right now? Academically it was challenging, which made getting my MSW somewhat easier. Ferrum opened up many doors for me personally and professionally that I know I wouldn’t have had otherwise.
  2. Have you been back to visit Ferurm since you’ve graduated?

Quite a few times

  1. Why should a senior in high school consider attending Ferrum College? I would tell seniors to come to Ferrum because of the strong academics, the faculty, and the opportunities that a smaller college can provide.
  2. Did you consider Ferrum to be your home when you attended here? Ferrum was my home. Ferrum is where I “grew up”. Ferrum is still my home. The relationships and the experiences I had as a student, directly impacted me where I am today.
  3. What’s your favorite thing about being a Ferrum Alumni? Telling people that I am an alumni. I have 2 other degrees that I worked hard to attain and those schools continued to guide me to where I am today. But, it started at Ferrum and I make that know.
  4. What’s your favorite memory from Ferrum? Too many to tell. Meeting my gang that have been with me almost 30 years. I get together yearly with a couple of them, Rowena and Chris and we are all still very close. Volunteering at the Developmental Center was great. The Developmental Center worked with individuals who had various intellectual challenges and they made baskets. Sledding down the hill was great during big snow storms, but, meeting my husband Paul was definitely the best one.