Jessa King, Class of 2016

Jessa King, Class of 2016

Studies at Ferrum: B.A. English and Spanish, minor in Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement

Study Away: E-Term in Peru and Summer Term in Puerto Rico

Service: Teach for America, 2016-2018, Arkansas

Currently: Teaching early high school English in Franklin County, VA.

I was very apprehensive about studying abroad at first. I had never spent more than two weeks away from home let alone outside of the continental U.S., but in order to 

fulfill a requirement for the Boone Honors Program, I had to do so. When the opportunity to sign up for an E-Term in Peru was presented to me, for an inexplicable reason, I signed up immediately. I could not have made a better decision. Professor Supes had an interesting time coaxing me through the three weeks abroad, but during those weeks, I was able to learn a plethora of things about not only Peruvian culture but also myself. After my experience in Peru, I knew my next study abroad experience would be sooner rather than later. The summer before my senior year, I had another incredible opportunity to attend a university in Puerto Rico. It was amazing to me that on my way to Peru, I could not have been more terrified, but on my way to Puerto Rico, I could not have been more excited. The unknown is always a scary thing

, but once you have studied abroad the first time, it only becomes easier and easier to travel outside of your comfort zone not only physically but also mentally. I never pictured myself choosing to take a vacation abroad instead of to the East Coast, but in the summer of 2017, I planned my own, solo vacation to Spain. I spent two weeks traveling alone in some of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. I cannot recommend completing a study abroad enough. If you have the opportunity, TAKE IT! I promise that if I can do it, you can do it, and it will change your life forever.