Gabby Newmiller 2016

//Gabby Newmiller 2016

Gabby Newmiller 2016

“My favorite Ferrum memory is bringing back the equestrian team, and being able to successfully compete for almost 3 years on it, making it to regionals, and taking my team to the top. I mean, we got 6 place out of 12 last year at regionals?”

“My favorite thing about being a Ferrum alumni is being back and being welcomed with opening arms, no matter where I’m at on campus, there’s always someone super stoked to see you, always someone that’s like, super loving to know you come back and taking time to say hi to new students.”

“You should come to Ferrum because it’s such a close knit campus. You find where you belong in so many different organizations. I was on the equestrian team, I was in DPhiE, being an RA/HR, you find people everywhere you go, so if you want something close and tight and you want that bond, you want that bond with your professors, then come to Ferrum.”