Ferrum’s Mission Trip to Baton Rouge

//Ferrum’s Mission Trip to Baton Rouge

Ferrum’s Mission Trip to Baton Rouge

Ferrum’s Mission Trip to Baton Rouge | By Lindsey Foster

Students in ‎⁨New Orleans⁩, ⁨LouisianaOn the week of Spring Break, March 1st through the 7th, Ferrum College’s Spiritual Life traveled on a mission trip to Baton Rouge. Sixteen students and four faculty members attended this trip, which aimed to help repair homes that were affected by a devastating flood in 2016.

Originally, Spiritual Life planned a mission trip to Puerto Rico, which got canceled due to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus in late February. The mission team soon switched to a new destination, Baton Rouge, as an alternative plan.

“God knew that Baton Rouge was an experience that we all needed,” said Mia Brower.

Ferrum’s faculty and staff were able to restart people’s lives by helping improve their homes. Repairs that were done included roof Students in ‎⁨New Orleans⁩, ⁨Louisianawork, scraping paint, painting walls, flooring, and plumbing. Some were also offered to paint varieties of quotes on walls in the building they stayed at during the trip. Finishing touches included adding an accent wall while bringing more life to some rooms.

“Our host, Esther, gave me the chance to use my creativity which meant a lot before I left something there that others can enjoy,” said Brower.

Aside from home repairs, everyone also got to experience going to New Orleans, where they got to try the authentic and homemade Louisiana food and attended a church service.