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#YouAreWelcomeHere scholars

The #YouAreWelcomeHere movement was started at NAFSA, the Association of International Educators, in order to promote international students in the United States. Ferrum College just joined this movement, and we have offered our new 2020 #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship to two students from Morocco, who will start this fall as freshmen in our Pre-Professional Health Sciences program. [...]

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Jessa King’s Franklin County High students come to visit

Alumna Jessa King is a teacher at Franklin County High School, and she and her colleagues brought their ninth grade Eagle Tech students to campus to present a Gallery Walk. The presentation focused on the promotion of empathy for the plight of Syrian refugees through the Stories of Survival program. This program supports 3rd Person, [...]

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Public talk by visitor, Dr. Alba Arias Álvarez

Dr. Arias is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Roanoke College. As part of their lecture series, VALHEN (Virginia Latino Higher Education Network) sponsored Dr. Aria's visit to Ferrum College to talk about her work in developing a Corpus of Spanish variations spoken throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Students were especially interested in her focus [...]

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Fulbright OLF scholar from India spoke on campus

Dr. Meena Pillai, a Fulbright researcher who is currently at UCLA for this academic year, came to Ferrum College and participated in class visits, a public lecture, and small-group meetings. Dr. Pillai is a Professor in the Institute of English and Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies at the University of Kerala in India, [...]

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Lunar New Year

Ferrum College students participated in the Lunar New Year celebration at the Taubman Art Museum in Roanoke. The Lunar New year is celebrated in various Asian countries and occurs on the first full moon of the lunar year according to the traditional calendar. Each year is represented by an animal, and this is the Year [...]

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First annual intercultural holiday celebration

This year we kicked off a new Ferrum tradition. It started with traditional Spanish-language carols by the Spanish students, who sang in various parts of campus and ended up at the library. There were displays about diverse holiday customs, plus cookies and hot chocolate for everyone. Then the choir put on a spectacular concert, followed [...]

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Dr. Sagasti Suppes spent a week in Russia

In October, Dr. Sagasti Suppes went to Russia to represent Ferrum College and Roanoke Valley Sister Cities at the Russia-U.S. Municipal Forum in Moscow. During her week in the country, she was also able to visit Roanoke's sister city, Pskov, and to visit with students, faculty, and administrators at Pskov State University. The best part [...]

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