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Ferrum Instilled a Strong Work Ethic in Ayers

The reasons a person gives back to his or her alma mater are often personal ones, stemming from a family history, a profound experience, a sense of civic duty or a private matter altogether. For Walter ’62 and Lynn Ayers, it is a combination of several of these. Ayers was encouraged to attend Ferrum College [...]

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Lionbergers In Support of Formula for Success

Former Ferrum College Board of Trustees Chairman, Sam Lionberger, and his wife Rindy, are well known for their generous support of Ferrum College. During his time as Chair of the Board of Trustees, Lionberger says one of his main goals was to improve core academic standards. Sam and Rindy Lionberger know their scholarship support enables [...]

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Enactus Endowment

Former members of the Ferrum College Enactus team (previously called Students in Free Enterprise). The Ferrum College Enactus program (formerly called Students in Free Enterprise) is responsible for outreach projects in financial education, women’s empowerment, community beautification, sustainability, and small business programs. In addition to winning regional competitions for decades, the Ferrum [...]

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Clements Establishes Family Scholarship

The Clements Family Endowed Scholarship supports Ferrum College students with financial aid and is awarded to students from Southside Virginia localities who have achieved at least a 2.5 GPA. “Ferrum was just the right place for me when I was looking for direction in life,” says J. Peter Clements ’77. “With the College’s strong emphasis [...]

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Agriculture Alumni Establish Scholarship in Memory of Classmate, Will “Frog” Pettus ’97

The Will “Frog” Pettus Agriculture Scholarship was established in April 2010 by the Ferrum College Ag Alumni Association, and is given to Ferrum College students who are studying life science or agriculture. The original goal was to raise $25,000 to endow the fund. Fundraising efforts are ongoing with the goal to assist as many [...]

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Martinsville Speedway’s Clay Campbell Supports Ferrum Students

Board of Trustee Member Clay Campbell I have been working in all aspects of business at the Martinsville Speedway since I was a young boy. The historic Virginia race track was founded by my grandfather over 60 years ago and I’m very proud of this heritage. I’m also proud of my affiliation [...]

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Jones Family Legacy Runs Deep

C. Henry Jones with his daughter, Susan Jones Childers ’81 at Ferrum College graduation in 1981 (right), and now (left). Although he may not be a graduate of Ferrum College, C. Henry Jones is a prominent and valuable part of the Ferrum family. Jones first became associated with Ferrum College through a [...]

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