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2021-22 Class Officers Announced

10/6/2021 Ferrum College has announced the new Student Government Association (SGA) cabinet officers for the 2021-22 academic year. For the senior class, Andre Williams ’22 was named president and Damon Curry ’22 was named vice president. Kelsey Smith ’23 was named junior class president. She will serve alongside Jazmin Scarberry ’23 as vice president, Jess Bollinger [...]

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Students Donate Over $5K in Labor, Alumnus Offered a Job Due to E-Term Experience

5/24/2021 EPD 202 students sit on the steps they built leading to the Dr. Carolyn Thomas memorial bench during the three week May 2021 E-Term. Dr. Bob Pohlad photo. During a three-week Environmental Planning and Development (EPD-202) Experiential Term (E-Term), led by Professor of Environmental Science Delia Heck and Professor Emeritus of Biology [...]

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Ferrum College Supports Campus Members with Mind, Body, & Outdoor Community Activities

Nearly one month into spring semester 2021, Ferrum College continues to provide services to support the mind, body, and community spirit of campus members as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.  The Office of Student Life and Education (OSL&E) is offering all its normal services remotely, which include referrals to campus and community partners, collaboration with campus members [...]

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Campus Store Now Has Online Ordering Options

On Thursday, January 16, 2020, Ferrum College announced a new option to order spirit gear and other merchandise online through the virtual Campus Store. This announcement came after the Campus Store overhauled the existing spirit wear to fresher styles and choices. “We hope to continue the expansion and variety of products offered to better serve [...]

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Is Your Student Getting Enough Sleep

Sweet Dreams! Is Your College Student Getting Enough of Them?   News flash! College students don’t get enough sleep! Well, actually, this may not be a news flash for anyone. Americans overall are getting less sleep, and many of us recognize that we need more than we are getting. But college students are the group [...]

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The Second Semester Goodbye

Why Some College Parents’ Involvement Increases During the Second Semester You sent your child off to college this fall.  It was hard. You said goodbye.  You worried. You worked at adjusting to the empty nest. You worried some more. But somehow, both you and your student survived.  You got through that difficult first semester.  It [...]

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Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

Before your college student headed off to school, you may have had some good conversations about both her expectations and your expectations, and about both of your hopes – for grades, for money management, for behavior, or for other things important to both of you.  As the midpoint of the academic year approaches, both you [...]

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Why College Peer Tutoring Works

Working with a good tutor can make a tremendous difference in your college student’s success. Having a tutor can mean that a student has a stronger grasp of the course material and may receive a better grade. Most colleges offer tutoring or academic support in some form.  One commonly used form of student support is [...]

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Has Your College Student Gotten a Flu Shot?

Chances are good that your college student may not have done the one thing that could make a difference in her health this winter – get a flu shot. Because college students live so closely together in residence halls, once the flu begins, it can spread quickly throughout a campus. Yet according to a study [...]

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