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Joshua Wright

My name is Joshua Wright and I am from Stuart, Virginia. I am a Mathematical Science major planning to graduate spring of 2019. Calculus is definitely my favorite of the mathematics (the extra dimension of derivatives is quite fascinating). The algebras are exciting as well, but I tend to see them as just a hobby. [...]

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Caitlin Hodges

My name is Caitlin Hodges.  I am from Franklin County, VA, and I was born December 26, 1998.  I'm double majoring in Chemistry and Pre-Professional Health Sciences with a Pre-Med concentration.  I also intend to graduate in May of 2020 and enroll in a Physician Assistant master's program. I am a member of [...]

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Tyler Hartline

My name is Tyler Hartline. I grew up the first eleven years of my life in the Great Bridge burrow of Chesapeake, Virginia before spending three years in Richlands, North Carolina.  The time came for me to move back to Virginia, this time in Deep Creek of Chesapeake.  In the middle of [...]

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Taylor Darnell

My name is Taylor Darnell, a senior, class of 2020 (woohoo!) I am from a little town about 20 minutes outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, called Rural Hall. I am a chemistry major with minors in horticultural science and business administration. After graduating from Ferrum I plan on attaining my PhD in either a [...]

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Tori Akers

My name is Tori Akers. I was born and raised in Griffin, Ga., and moved to Bluefield, Va., later in my life. I'm a senior triple majoring in pre-professional science, chemistry, and biology and  minoring in forensic science and theater arts. I'm vice president of the Black Masks Improv club, treasurer of Theta Gamma [...]

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Chantel Crystal Antonette Aaron

My name is Chantel Crystal Antonette Aaron. I am a senior pursuing a Pre-Professional Science degree with a minor in Chemistry at Ferrum College. I am an aspiring cardiologist who intends to make a difference in patients’ lives through the practice of internal medicine. It is my passion to care for others and [...]

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Elizabeth Dahl

Elizabeth Dahl, an Art major and business minor alumni of Ferrum College, is currently working at local Richmond bakery Lark Bakery and Shoppe.  She is utilizing her skills from the art program to assist in decorating cakes and cupcakes while she is saving up money.  She hopes to continue her study of art [...]

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Dorothy Carroll

My name is Dorothy Carroll, and I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I graduated from Jefferson County International Baccalaureate with an Advanced Academic Diploma from the state of Alabama and a diploma from the IBO in 2015.  During my time at Ferrum I was a political science major with an emphasis in Democracy, Justice, [...]

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Rebecca Cariens

My name is Rebecca Cariens, originally from Bluefield, Virginia, and I graduated with honors in May 2016. I majored in history and minored in Russian. In 2015, I completed a seven-month internship in Novosibirsk, Russia. There I taught English to children of various ages. I am recipient of the Graduate Student Academic Year Fellowship and currently I’m working [...]

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