Butz Foundation Gift Aids Students with Learning Disabilities

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Butz Foundation Gift Aids Students with Learning Disabilities

Teddy Butz ’88

The Butz Foundation was founded in the mid-1950s with a mission of support for programs that benefit humanity, education, medical research, and society as a whole. Ferrum College has gratefully been a recipient of the foundation’s generosity for several projects throughout the years. According to Teddy Butz ’88, a graduate of Ferrum and president of the family foundation, “Success is where preparedness meets opportunity. For those students who have a fire in their belly to want to succeed, I try to provide the tools to help them meet their goals.”

The Ferrum College’s Office of Academic Accessibility (OAA) recently received a $5,000 grant from the Butz Foundation for the “iPad Education Applications Initiative.” The gift enabled the purchase of four iPads along with the salary for an adjunct faculty position. The instructor teaches students with reading and writing disabilities how to use a variety of iPad applications and ensures successful strategies in the classroom.

Additional Butz Foundation funds underwrote the purchase of a classroom set of LiveScribe pens. These smart pens will increase students’ technological knowledge and add to their ability to automatically and wirelessly transfer notes written with and recorded on the pen to
a visual and audio file on their i-device or computer.

When using the specifically designed LiveScribe notepaper, students can write keywords while listening to a lecture. Later, when the student taps the pen on the word, it automatically locates the portion of the audio recording associated with that word. Additionally, students can use the Evernote software to pair handwritten notes wirelessly with the audio application and transfer them to an i-device for playback. This pen is designed help students with disabilities, such as dyslexia, with the note taking experience.