2020-21 Student Government Association Cabinet Members Announced

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2020-21 Student Government Association Cabinet Members Announced

On July 9, 2020, Ferrum College announced the new Student Government Association (SGA) cabinet officers for the 2020-21 academic year. Kintwon Pettiford ’22 was named president; Lauren Ries ’22 was named legislative vice president; Mikayla Floyd ’22 was named activities vice president; Ahjaley Henderson ’22 was named secretary; Zion Wade ’22 was named treasurer; and Malcolm Lofton ’21 was named public relations representative. 

To enter the SGA election, students must run together as a cabinet and submit a petition for election showcasing 100 signatures. Normally, SGA cabinets are voted on by students in March; however, the election was postponed due to the emergence of COVID-19 and the subsequent transition to online courses. Instead, this spring’s election was held by virtual vote in June.

“We created a campaign through social media to promote the SGA elections and the cabinets. Each cabinet submitted information about themselves and their cabinet platform for the upcoming academic year,” explained Director of Student Leadership and Engagement, and SGA Advisor, Justin Muse ’05.

“I was thoroughly surprised and pleased with the student participation in the elections,” continued Muse. “The election results were tight, with this cabinet winning by only two percent. The votes were calculated electronically and vetted by staff members to check for discrepancies.”

This year’s cabinet will focus on maintaining a healthy and safe campus environment, especially regarding COVID-19. Its goals also include recycling, and increasing student involvement and activities. 

Muse is looking forward to welcoming the new 2020-21 SGA cabinet, and all Ferrum students, back to campus in just a few weeks. “I want to congratulate our newly elected 2020-21 SGA cabinet members,” he said. “They are hardworking and creative, and they exhibit the leadership skills that our students will need during such a unique year. I am excited to work with them!”

Meet the 2020-21 SGA cabinet officers below.

President – Kintwon Pettiford ’22

Hometown: Hillsborough, NC
Major: social work
Why he loves Ferrum College: “I love that Ferrum College gives students the opportunity to grow in many things. Everyone at Ferrum is a big family and we all work together to keep the Ferrum College motto, Not Self, But Others.”

Legislative Vice President – Lauren Ries ’22

Hometown: Toano, VA
Majors: chemistry and pre-professional health sciences with an emphasis in pre-med
Why she loves Ferrum College: “I love everything about Ferrum, but I mainly love the family aspect. I’ve met so many people who have become family to me and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I also like the sunsets and sunrises. They are so beautiful with the mountains!”

Activities Vice President – Mikayla Floyd ’22

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Major: business administration
Why she loves Ferrum College: “One thing I love about Ferrum is the amount of opportunities you are given to broaden your horizons. Being here has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and immerse myself into leadership activities as well as skills that will guide me in my field once I graduate.” 

Secretary – Ahjaley Henderson ’22

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
Major: psychology
Why she loves Ferrum College: “I love how Ferrum College is so welcoming, the beauty and nature, and how I was able to come out of my comfort zone by getting involved in different clubs and organizations which I didn’t have the courage to do before. Ferrum College has made me want to explore many opportunities!”

Treasurer – Zion Wade ’22 

Hometown: Reidsville, NC
Major: criminal justice
Why he loves Ferrum College: “I love the welcoming atmosphere that all the people on campus brings and how it’s made sure everyone’s included. Our campus is also very beautiful and I love being able to just sit and look at the scenery and embrace it  without distractions.” 

Public Relations – Malcolm Lofton ’21

Hometown: South Hill, VA
Major: graphic design
Why he loves Ferrum College: “I love the close-knit culture that has been adopted here. The faculty and staff don’t mind interacting with the students and I love that about Ferrum. The people I have been able to meet, organizations I’ve joined, and jobs I’ve worked in such a small area have opened up so many doors for me.”