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Amber Osborne

Hi, my name is Amber Osborne! I am from Fredericksburg, VA. I am a Pre-Professional Health Science and Biology major. I also have a minor in chemistry. My dream is to become a veterinarian and eventually own my own practice. Throughout campus, I am a part of the Lions Club, Rotaract, Minds n [...]

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Suzie Maines

Hi, my name is Suzie Maines . I am from Winchester, Virginia, and I am a senior at Ferrum College. My majors are Spanish and International Studies. My future is still open, and I don’t have a set plan. Right now I am looking into the Peace Corps or another language scholarship [...]

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Sarah Estes

I’m Sarah Estes and I am a native of Bassett, Virginia. I am triple majoring in pre-professional health science with an emphasis in pre-med, biology, and chemistry and double minoring in Spanish and psychology. I am also part of the women’s basketball team. In the small amount of free time I have, I enjoy [...]

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Getting Ahead Over Winter Break

Make Winter Break a “Get Ahead” Time for Your College Student Winter Break is almost here. You’ll have a taste of having your student home from college over Thanksgiving Break, but that is just an appetizer.  The full course is coming over Winter Break, which might be as long as a month or more. Thinking [...]

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Is Your Student Getting Enough Sleep

Sweet Dreams! Is Your College Student Getting Enough of Them?   News flash! College students don’t get enough sleep! Well, actually, this may not be a news flash for anyone. Americans overall are getting less sleep, and many of us recognize that we need more than we are getting. But college students are the group [...]

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The Second Semester Goodbye

Why Some College Parents’ Involvement Increases During the Second Semester You sent your child off to college this fall.  It was hard. You said goodbye.  You worried. You worked at adjusting to the empty nest. You worried some more. But somehow, both you and your student survived.  You got through that difficult first semester.  It [...]

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Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

Before your college student headed off to school, you may have had some good conversations about both her expectations and your expectations, and about both of your hopes – for grades, for money management, for behavior, or for other things important to both of you.  As the midpoint of the academic year approaches, both you [...]

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Ferrum College Guarantees Path to Graduation in Two Years for Transfer Students with an Associate’s Degree

Ferrum College is making a bold “Ferrum Promise”: beginning in fall 2020, students who transfer from a Virginia community college with an appropriate associate’s degree will be able to graduate within two years of transfer, or they will receive free tuition for the remaining coursework. “Today, nearly forty percent of students who graduate from a [...]

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