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Jacob Smith

Assistant Professor of Art
Art Program Coordinator
Teaches  sculpture, photo, painting, graphic design, 2D & 3D design, and drawing.
M.F.A. The George Washington University
B.A. Roanoke College
Jacob’s Portfolio

Jacob is Art Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Art at Ferrum College, where he teaches a variety of courses. He previously taught art courses at Virginia Western Community College, The George Washington University and The Guy Mason Center in Washington DC.

In addition to his experience teaching children, adults, and seniors, Jacob recently founded Ladies Night Out Painting, in Roanoke VA where he teaches adult painting courses. His training includes a broad range of media and techniques including 2D and 3D digital media, sculpture, photography, painting and much more. He prides himself on passing this knowledge on in a fun and exciting environment.

As the former Director of Art at 4DD Studios, Jacob managed the creation of monumental sculptures and exhibits that now reside in museums, parks, boardrooms, and government centers nationwide. These range from The Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie Il, to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, and even the Pentagon.

Prof. Smith’s Statement of Artistic Credentials:

With a background in monumental sculpture and museum exhibit production, my work serves as a bridge between commercial and fine art.   As a professor of art I seek to communicate the principals and techniques of art and design to the next generation of artists.  This environment is stimulating and allows me to keep abreast of the newest techniques and technologies.

As the former director of art at a monument, sign and exhibit company, I was responsible for production of signage and sculptures that could reach multi story scale.  These monumental sculptures were sometimes freestanding and sometimes attached to other structures.  I was responsible for designing armatures and working with architects and engineers to ensure compatibility with the site.  My duties were to oversee production and transportation to site.  Special care was taken to ensure accuracy to the original design and longevity of the product.

The museum exhibit portion of my position required attention to the display’s conceptual and historical intent.  Care was taken to ensure the exhibit honored and respected historical accuracy, while providing effective communication and retention of the subject.  These projects ranged from faux concrete panels for a concentration camp at the Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie Il, to a traveling interactive circus themed children’s exhibit about human parasites.

Regardless of the intended viewer/participant, it is my goal to provide a safe, educational and above all powerful interaction.  This is achieved through the use of the newest tools and technologies, thorough knowledge of technique and material, and an ongoing study of human response to passive and interactive installations.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

• An age of Animation, Science Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke VA (Fall 2017)
• Weight Limit, Aurora Studio Center, Roanoke VA (Fall 2017)
• Homeward Bound, Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke VA (MARCH 2017 – JULY 2017 )
• GREED, Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke VA (Spring 2017)

Recent Exhibitions:

• Racing Electrons, Science Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke VA
• Rising Puzzle, Art in Roanoke exhibition. Elmwood Park, Roanoke VA
• Quick Draw Art Battle, Aurora Studio Center, Roanoke VA – First Place Award.
• Cherry Bounce, William King Museum, Abingdon VA 2016.

• Prior Constraint, E Taylor Greer Gallery. Ferrum VA
• Rising Puzzle, Art in Roanoke exhibition. Elmwood Park, Roanoke VA


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