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The School of Arts & Humanities at Ferrum College offers 9 majors and 14 minors. Graduates of the School of Arts & Humanities are prepared for careers in a broad range of fields as well as graduate training in both professional and academic disciplines.

Meet the Dean of Arts and Humanities
Dr. David Howell

Welcome to the School of Arts & Humanities. When I am asked by students “What can I do after graduation if I major in _____________ (fill in the blank with your major)?,” my response is always “What can you not do?” While the path from program of study to career is more direct in some programs than others, study in any of the ten majors or 14 minors in Arts & Humanities will open doors to a wide variety of graduate school programs and career paths. Students in Arts & Humanities read and write, create and communicate, analyze and critique classic and contemporary texts and artifacts from around the world.