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Welcome from our Alumni President!

Every time I hear the name “Ferrum” mentioned on the radio or see it in the newspaper, my

Ron ’70 and Judy Singleton ’77

chest fills with pride.  I can’t help it.  There’s a sudden flashback of wonderful memories.  In fact, it happens every 30 minutes, every day, when I’m listening to my favorite radio station.  The recorded announcement on WVTF-FM lists the stations where the show is being simulcast.  And there, in the middle of the list, “Ferrum” is mentioned.  It’s wonderful!

I live over 200 miles from the campus, but when I hear the word “Ferrum,” suddenly I’m transported back in time.  I see myself as an 18-year-old once again — walking the campus, books under my arm, heading to Franklin Hall for a meal or to check the mail.  I’m sitting in a history class with Doug Foard or Bud Skeens lecturing at the chalkboard, or passing Frank Hurt on the way to the tennis courts for his daily workout.  I see Coach Norton in Swartz Gym, getting ready for practice, and football players lined up outside, ready to “run the mountain.”

All of us who have lived the Ferrum experience, and are alumni, will have a similar reaction when we hear the college’s name mentioned.  These are wonderful memories, and from a special time in each of our lives.

I’ve been fortunate through the years to have remained involved and active with Ferrum, especially through the Alumni Association.  I encourage you to do the same.  First, be sure that the college’s Alumni Office has your most recent contact information, especially your email address.  Seek out opportunities for involvement with our alumni chapters in Richmond, Roanoke, Shenandoah Valley, Tidewater, and Washington, D.C., and in our smaller alumni groups in Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, and Patrick County.

Alumni are our front-line ambassadors for the school.  After all, who knows Ferrum better than its graduates and fellow alumni?  It’s important for alumni to reach out to the parents of prospective students and to serve as alumni representatives at regional Admissions events.  It’s also important for alumni to keep up with changes on campus, so that up-to-date information can be shared with others.  Stay involved, volunteer, attend Ferrum events (on and off-campus), and let us know what you would like to do for Ferrum in the future.

Keep the memories alive!  Support the college’s faculty and staff.  And, most importantly, do your part in helping Ferrum’s next generation of students.

Best regards,

Ron ’70


Ronald E. Singleton, President 2018-2019

Ferrum College Alumni Association​


The Ferrum College Alumni Association connects, celebrates, and engages alumni and friends of the College to build lifelong relationships that support the future of our College.  As your Alumni Board of Directors we strive to meet these goals and help cement the bond between alumni and the college.


Twyla Stephen Tatum ’04


Manassas, VA

B. Clay Wiley ’06

Vice President

Moseley, VA

Ty’Nesha Jamison Scales ’05


Wirtz, VA

Ronald E. Singleton ’70

Past President

Fredericksburg, VA


Scotty L. Bryan ’97

North Chesterfield, VA

Elizabeth “Beth” Campos ’09

Roanoke, VA

Clifton “Ray” Daisey ’84

Horntown, VA

Erica S. Davis ’04

Greensboro, NC

Philip J. Davis ’02

Verona, VA

Fletcher “Nate” Daniels, III ’99

North Chesterfield, VA

Randal L. Doss ’94

Concord, VA

Hila Maxey Foutz ’96

Rocky Mount, VA

Cory L. Guilliams ’02

Penn Laird, VA

Danielle W. Hannulsela ’16

Disputanta, VA

Steve D. Harmon ’96

Mechanicsville, VA




Terrance S. Harrelson ’11

Roanoke, VA

Albert V. Hobbs ’95

Petersburg, VA

Paul T. Jaglowski ’12

Raleigh, NC

Shannon Jost ’97

Wilmington, DE

Dana A. Kelley ’94

Glade Hill, VA

J. Glynn Loope ’86

Blue Ridge, VA

Alesha M. Meadows ’12

Roanoke, VA

J. Rob Monolo ’92

Beaverdam, VA

Trasan D. Moore ’11

California, MD

Billie J. Quesenberry ’17

Floyd, VA

Jeffrey K. Reardon ’96

Arlington, VA

Deanna Reid ’13

Manahattan, KS

Holly Stitham-Ellis ’97

Virginia Beach, VA

Lifetime Members:

Donnie L. Brown ’66

Staunton, VA

Sam Camden ’66

Roanoke, VA

James L. Clark, Sr.  ’62

Martinsville, VA

Bruce A. Griffith ’66

Stuart, VA