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Welcome from our Alumni President!

If someone were to ask what Ferrum means to me, I would gladly reply: absolutely everything! Like many of you, Ferrum was the place that I built extraordinary relationships with professors and friends. Moreover, Ferrum was and still is that home away from home: a place where folks take pride in their community and help their neighbor when they are in need. Ferrum exudes Christian values and fosters an environment of learning. As you can see, Ferrum has left a lasting impression in my life and I am sure it has done the same for you.

While at Ferrum College, I majored in accounting and business financial management. I can fondly remember having classes with Professor Sulzen and Dr. Basu who both were instrumental in my success at the College. I also fondly remember the football games and events in the Panther’s Den. My biggest memory of Ferrum is it’s motto, “Not Self, But Others.” I practiced this philosophy while on campus in my affiliations with INACTUS formerly known as SIFE, by helping small businesses in the local community. Since graduation, I have continued to practice “Not Self, But Others” by serving on the Alumni Board of Directors, assisting rising seniors with interviews, assisting Ferrum College Admissions with recruiting events, and contributing to fund-raising efforts.

As alumni, it is vitally important that we continue to support the College with our time and our treasures. Current students are always so excited to see alumni giving back to the College and contributing to their future. We all can play a part in Ferrum’s continual success and I urge you to remain connected with our College. I would like to think we are like a huge ship and we need all hands on deck to have a successful voyage. Can Ferrum College count on you to do your part?

In closing, I hope to see each of you on campus sometime. Continue to strive with Panther Pride!

Warm regards,


Twyla N. Tatum, President 2019-2020
Ferrum College Alumni Association

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