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Welcome from our Alumni President!

Ferrum has a special place in my heart, and I will continue to serve and spread the word however I can. The relationships with students, alumni and staff, experiences, and knowledge I have gained because of my connection to Ferrum are irreplaceable. Ferrum College has always extended open arms whether it was during my time as a student here, or as an alum 18 years later. The motto “not self but others” has truly been shown for me over the years. I hope it has for you as well and will continue to serve you in the future.

While at Ferrum, I majored in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing. My best memories revolve around the interaction both with the student body as well as the faculty. Many of my memories include my freshman year at Basset Hall, sponsored trips white water rafting, and doing my homework outside of Dr. Giessen’s office while struggling in math. At Ferrum, it’s a true statement that you are not just a number but a student and part of the Ferrum family.

As I continue to serve as a Panther, I have enjoyed being part of the Ferrum Alumni Board in all aspects, including, most recently, serving as the President. One of my favorite duties has been conducting mock interviews with graduating students, preparing them for the real world when leaving as an alumni.

As alumni, I ask you to continue to have Ferrum in your heart. Being a Ferrum alum is something no one can take away from. Please give back however you can, and stay connected with your alma mater by donating your time, treasures, and experience when available. I encourage you to stay involved! Come to Folk Life or set up a tailgate for homecoming. I promise, your best years as a Panther are in front of you!

Clay Wiley, President