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Transferring Credits

Ferrum College will accept transfer credit from other regionally accredited institutions; however, degree recipients must complete at least 32 of their last 64 credit hours as well as 50% of their major and minor at Ferrum. All non-developmental, 100-level and above courses which have been passed with a “C” or better grade will be accepted for credit as necessary for graduation.

  • Students with transferrable credit will not be required to repeat equivalent courses at Ferrum.
  • Students must meet the number of upper level hours required for graduation by the student’s major program and the College.
  • Only credit hours, not grade point average, transfer to Ferrum College.
  • Transfer credit does not enter into the grade point average for honors.

Transfer Student Contact

Edwina Prunty
Associate Dean & Admissions Counselor
Office: 540.365.4289
Mobile: 540.420.3894

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