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Undergraduate Aid and Affordability

Your Investment in a Ferrum College Education

Tomorrow’s value cannot be measured only in today’s cost.  Your future holds limitless possibilities; a future where jobs and careers are invented every day; a future where a Ferrum College education provides you the versatility and adaptability to ensure enduring professional and personal success.


Ferrum College is more affordable than you might think.

  • Students’ costs at Ferrum are less than those of 80% of other private colleges and universities in Virginia.
  • 99% of Ferrum College students receive financial aid
  • 60% of students are Pell Grant eligible
  • Currently, Ferrum College awards over $20 million in institutional aid each year
  • The average financial aid package for students who enrolled in Fall 2018 was approximately $40,086 and contained awards from scholarships and grants, all loan programs and work-study opportunities.

Scholarship Calculator

Our Scholarship Calculator is a tool that will determine the total amount of merit scholarship and grant money you may be eligible to receive as a student at Ferrum College.

Tuition and Fees

  • Annual Tuition – $36,480
  • Room and Board – $12,400
    *Varies per housing option and does not include apartment style accommodations
  • Part-time for 1-6 credit hours tuition cost is $735 per credit hour.
  • Part-time for 7-11 credit hours tuition cost is $1020 per credit hour.

Financial Aid at Ferrum College

The Financial Aid staff will help you navigate the process of identifying and securing the financial resources for college costs including academic and merit awards, need-based grants, loans and work-study, as well as tuition payment options such as Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plans.

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