Experiential Term (E-Term) at Ferrum College is your opportunity for hands-on learning experiences.

What is E-Term at Ferrum College?

Experiential Term (E-Term) is a three week term in the month of May, which offers a variety experiential courses for all students enrolled at Ferrum College. Courses offered in E-Term reflect the breadth of our curriculum, and cover a number of general education and major requirements. The intensity of the E-Term allows students and faculty an opportunity to take a hands-on, experiential approach to learning, and to break the mold of the traditional classroom course.

Every Ferrum College student is required to take at least one E-Term course, and many take more than one. Our offerings change each year, so explore this year’s courses and find the one that fits you best!

E-Term courses offer students various opportunities:





Most courses offered do not require pre-requisites and are appropriate for students entering their second or third year of college. Ferrum College students are required to take, and pass, one E-Term course in order to graduate. There are no additional tuition or room/board costs attached to E-Term. If a student wishes to take more than two E-Term courses, tuition and room/board costs will be applicable. Any costs for travel, lab cost, etc. in an E-Term course will be listed with the course description during spring registration.