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Center for Community Engagement Projects

Within the Ferrum College community, we encourage students, faculty & staff to join us in experiential learning projects!

The Center for Community Engagement worked with the School of Natural Sciences to create a Giving Garden at the Titmus Agricultural Center. Produce was donated to individuals in need of fresh, local food through food missions and pantries in Franklin County. Students, faculty, staff and community members worked together to develop and tend to the garden throughout the growing season.

Read more here:“Ferrum College gives back to community with giving garden

student planting

Hospice Choir

My Experience with the Hospice Choirs

“I enjoyed the sense of community within the Hospice Choir. It was an rewarding experience to see joy on the faces of those we sang to. Visitors are not always often and it was apparent that they appreciate us just being there. One time the choir had messed up a song, but everyone was laughing and still enjoyed themselves. Singing to the residents allowed them to forget their situation, even just for a moment. When they hear us sing they’re focused on the song and it uplifts their spirits.”

-Chantal Aaron