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My name is Tyler Hartline. I grew up the first eleven years of my life in the Great Bridge burrow of Chesapeake, Virginia before spending three years in Richlands, North Carolina.  The time came for me to move back to Virginia, this time in Deep Creek of Chesapeake.  In the middle of my freshman year of Deep Creek High School, I moved to Norfolk, Virginia, where I commuted until the end of that school year.  After that, I moved to Portsmouth, Virginia, where I attended Woodrow Wilson High School.  I like to refer to it as, “Jackie Wilson High School”.  I spent two years in Portsmouth before moving to Floyd, Virginia.  Once in Floyd, I attended my last year of high school.

Until I moved into my dorm on campus, I was staying with my brother, James, my sister-in-law, Dianne, my nephew, Gabriel, and their dog, Luna.  When I was not helping around the house or keeping an eye on Gabriel, I would play games such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Minecraft, and Stellaris or I would spend my free time watching Dragon Ball Super or My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  Aside from the previously mentioned entertainment, I am content building contraptions of the imagination with LEGO pieces and components or playing Duel Monsters, a trading card game commonly referred to as, “Yu-Gi-Oh!”.  I look forward to the spare time once being spent with my electronics to turn into time for study and research.

Now in Ferrum, I aim to major in biology with the aspiration to one day become a genetic engineer.  I believe a healthier balance of life in our world can be attained without an excessive use of mechanics and circuitry.  Worn or damaged body tissues should not be replaced by substances foreign to the body.  Instead, new, organic, parts should be cultured for insertion into the body.  Replace the use of insulin injections with enhancement of the body to naturally counteract diabetes.  Enable the body to produce its own sugar for those with hypoglycemia.  Through careful research, study, and experimentation, we humans can achieve many great things.  Everything that we see made, today, started out as an idea in someone’s mind.  With effort, we can make our own ideas come to life.