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My name is Tyler Hartline. I grew up the first eleven years of my life in the Great Bridge burrow of Chesapeake, Virginia before spending three years in Richlands, North Carolina.  The time came for me to move back to Virginia, this time in Deep Creek of Chesapeake.  In the middle of my freshman year of Deep Creek High School, I moved to Norfolk, Virginia, where I commuted until the end of that school year.  After that, I moved to Portsmouth, Virginia, where I attended Woodrow Wilson High School.  I like to refer to it as, “Jackie Wilson High School.”  I spent two years in Portsmouth before moving to Floyd, Virginia.  Once in Floyd, I attended my last year of high school.  I am usually happy to shout-out to my people in the ‘757’ and ‘910’ area codes.

I am now a local of Ferrum in Franklin County but most of the year I can be found on Ferrum College campus in my dorm or at the Conferences and Events Department.  Depending on the day, I may be wearing a bucket or a container-like object on my person.  I am happy to help or provide assistance, or attempt to provide assistance, with anything you may need here on campus, if I am able.  In my personal time, I am a gamer at heart, be it trading card game, board game, or video game.  If you would like to get in touch with me, I am usually awake during the day and late hours.

I am currently a senior finishing up a biology degree with a chemistry minor.  Once I receive my degree, I will likely pursue a job that involves studying life forms.  In the more distant future, I may practice medicine or work in a field of biochemistry, like genetic engineering.  If I do not pursue those passions, then I may join a company that produces products, like soda, that make people smile and feel better.  On the topic of feeling better, if you need help with either biology or chemistry, I will assist to the best of my ability even if it means passing you to someone more suited to your inquiries or needs.

Life is not “it is what it is.”  Life is what you make it when you can make it.