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Hi, my name is Suzie Maines . I am from Winchester, Virginia and I am a third year student at Ferrum College. My majors are Spanish and International Studies. My future is still open and I don’t have a set plan but right now I am looking into the Peace Corps or another language scholarship program such as Fulbright. Some of my hobbies include taking care of fish, looking at insects, and growing two bonsai trees, although I also like to paint, sing, and play video games.
At the time of writing this biography, I am studying in Seville for Fall 2019, and I also studied in Havana, Cuba this June. Both of these experiences have been absolutely life changing and easily some of the best times I have had since coming to university. Studying abroad really helped my language skills but the experience taught me a lot in general and I loved every second of it but I am also excited to come back in Spring 2020.