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Hey guys!

My name is Kelleigh Jio, and I graduated with the class of 2014. I graduated with my BS in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Forensic Science. I was in Beta Beta Beta (the Biology honors society) and was on the women’s soccer team for all four years, serving as captain my senior year. Just before graduation, at the annual Academic Awards Convocation, I was also presented the Forensic Sciences Award.

I currently live in Gainesville, Virginia, a little city in Northern Virginia.  I currently attend George Mason University as a part of the Forensic Science Master’s Program. I have finished all of my Master’s classes and am working on my thesis research. I am conducting research on victim recovery dogs, dogs who are trained to find missing or deceased persons. I want to explore if pig tissue is a viable substitute for human tissue when training these dogs. I was also an intern at the DC Department of Forensic Sciences from May 2015-August 2016. I took time from that internship to focus on my research and finish up the requirements to graduate. Right now, I am interested in forensic firearm examination and evidence coordinating, but I am open to all areas of forensic science! I am excited about all the possibilities that are available to me right now!