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Hey there, I’m Jessa King! I am from Cana, Virginia which is located in Carroll County. I graduated from Ferrum College in 2016 as a Boone Honors graduate with a double major in English and Spanish and a minor in Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement.

During my time at Ferrum, I was very involved in community service work through both organizations and an internship. This involvement was instrumental in my decision to apply for a position as a teacher with the organization Teach for America. Through the opportunities I was given through the Boone Honors Program and as a Ferrum College student, I was successful in this endeavor and chosen for this prestigious program.

Teach for America is a NPO that places qualified people in high-needs school across the country. I was placed in Marianna, Arkansas where I taught 9th and 10th grade English form two years. My time in Arkansas was life changing to say the least! 

I loved every minute, but I longed to return to the Blue Ridge Mountains. I am currently teaching at Franklin County High School in Rocky Mount, Virginia. I teach 9th grade English in the Eagle Tech program. Eagle Tech is a part of the New Tech Network, a nation-wide program that helps to create a unique learning environment. I co-teach English 9 with a World History 1 teacher. Instead of traditional tests, students complete projects that connect what they are learning in the classroom to a need they see in their community.

I am also enrolled in the Literacy Ed. master’s program at Radford University. So far, my classes are incredible, and I am learning so many wonderful things that I can apply to my classroom instruction!

It’s great to be back in Franklin County. I look forward to working with current students as a local alumna!