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Transfer Information

The Ferrum Promise

The Ferrum Promise guarantees you will graduate with a bachelor’s degree within two years of transfer to Ferrum College or the additional coursework will be paid by the College, provided you enter with an appropriate associate degree from a Virginia community college and meet the academic requirements.

Liberal Arts Foundations Courses

Foundations courses introduce students to the full range of academic disciplines traditionally associated with college-level education. Completing these course provide the foundation upon which the Ferrum College curriculum is built. These courses may be taken at either a community college or at Ferrum College in order to complete a bachelor’s degree. Liberal Arts Foundations Courses Required for Bachelor’s Degree

Virginia Community College Degree Transfer Options

Partnered with all regionally accredited Virginia Community Colleges to offer qualifying students guaranteed Admission to Ferrum College. Click the button below to see specific Degree Transfer Options for each Program of Study along with Emphasis Areas. 4-Semester Plans

Request to Take Courses Elsewhere

Occasionally, students take courses at other accredited colleges and universities. It is very important that students get pre-approval for these courses and understand the eligibility to transfer the credit hours back to Ferrum. The following are guidelines for securing approval to take courses at other institutions. Request to Take Courses Elsewhere

Advanced Placement

Course credit as well as advanced standing may be earned through the Advanced Placement Test Program. Students must present a score of 3 or above on each exam to earn credit. Official AP scores must be sent from the College Board for credit to be granted. Advanced Placement Equivalency Guide

International Baccalaureate Examinations

Ferrum College recognizes the IB diploma and will award advanced standing credit for the higher level exams if a score of 5 or higher is achieved. Official scores directly from the testing centers are required before credit can be granted.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Ferrum College will accept scores in accordance with the recommendations set forth by the American Council of Education. Scores of 50 or higher are required. Official scores directly from the testing centers are required before credit can be granted.