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Student Outcomes



First-Year to Sophomore Retention Rate

The retention rate measures the First-Time-In-College (FTIC) entering Freshman cohort into their second year.  This data is reported to IPEDS every year. Below are the three most recent cohorts.

Further years found: First-Year to Sophomore Retention Rate


Degrees Awarded

Degrees awarded follows the Academic Year (July 1 through June 30).  This data is reported to IPEDS annually.

Graduation Rates

Graduation rate follows entering First-Time In College (FTIC) as a cohort through to graduation.  Ferrum College utilizes the 6-year graduation rate (150%).

Further graduation rate information found: 4 & 6 Year Graduation Rate and  IPEDS 6-YR Grad Rate FTIC via College Navigator

Employment, Graduate and Professional Education


Career and Job Placement Services

Post-Graduation Employment, Graduate & Professional Education


According to the HB 886 House Bill of Virginia, Ferrum College must provide student-level data on graduate school and employment data.  The links below contain such information:

SCHEV Institutional Profile