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Ask ME First Center

The Ask ME First Center (AMFC) is committed to providing first generation college students, those whose parents never enrolled in postsecondary education, with resources that contribute to their academic and personal success. With an emphasis on mentorship, social activities, and pre-professional development opportunities, the AMFC aims to increase retention and graduation rates of first generation students.

The AMFC is also the home of the Panthers Institute – a living learning community for first generation college students. Students that are selected to live within this community will be surrounded by campus resources, upperclassmen mentors, and faculty/staff dedicated to aiding in your success!

Q: What is the Ask ME First Center?

A: The Ask ME First Center (AMFC) is a space dedicated to supporting first generation college students (FGCS). The ME is intentionally capitalized to emphasize the mentoring that is facilitated through this center.

Q: What is a FGCS?

A: A FGCS are those from a family in which neither parent has enrolled in a four year institution. At Ferrum College, FGCS are known as ‘Ferrum’s Firsts’. These students continue to add to the robust, diverse, and successful population of Ferrum College.

Q: How many students at Ferrum College identify as a FGCS?

A: Approximately 26% or roughly three hundred seventy five students at Ferrum College are considered a FGCS.

Q: What type of support does the Ask ME First Center provide?

A: Our center is dedicated to ensuring FGCS have the support they need when arriving at Ferrum College. The AMFC provides students with the following:

  1. Career Closet – A collection of professional clothing that has been donated to Ferrum College for students in need of professional attire to interview for a job or internship, dress professionally for work or an event, or any additional reason students may need professional clothing.
  2. Campus Programming – Professional staff along with student assistants work to provide students with opportunities to learn about being a FGCS through faculty and staff mentorship programs, educational programs held in the AMFC showcasing guest speakers, and bulletin boards providing educational information surrounding a variety of topics such as interview tips, healthy study habits, and more.
  3. Community Outreach – Students involved with the AMFC will have opportunities to interview, interact, and learn from community professionals who identify as a FGCS. Through these interactions, it is our goal to form mentor/mentee relationships among local community business women and men and the FGCS of Ferrum College.  Finally, the AMFC organizes community service events within the surrounding areas.

Contact Us

Michelle Carter
Coordinator of the First Year Experience
ARC Room 106