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Office of Advising

Academic advising at Ferrum College provides students with information that will strengthen academic performance, enhance the student registration process, and improve timely degree completion. All freshmen are advised by their freshman seminar instructor. During the second semester of the freshman year, students are assigned to an advisor that specializes in a single major. Students who have not selected a major remain with the freshman advisor until a major is decided upon. While students are ultimately responsible for fulfilling college requirements, advisors are the assisting experts who help students plan an efficient program of study.

Advisors at Ferrum support students in a number of ways, and the relationship between each student and his or her advisor is an important one.  Each semester, advisors follow up with students who receive early alerts and those who are struggling at midterm to offer guidance and make referrals to key College resources.

The week prior to registration is designated as Advising Week. Students and advisors work together to tailor 8-Semester Plans so that students can successfully complete Ferrum’s degree requirements. Since advisor approval is required before students can register, advising sessions during this period are important times that advisors assist students with both the planning process and strategies to enhance academic performance.

After students have registered, advisors follow up to make suggestions for schedule revisions as necessary.  At the end of each semester and just prior to the start of classes for the next, advisors provide further support to students by adjusting schedules and plans as their circumstances change. As students move toward graduation, faculty major advisors often help them explore opportunities for internships and research.

8 - Semester Guided Pathways Plan

The 8-Semester Plans – Curricular Roadmaps are provided to help students follow a clear path to successfully complete Ferrum College graduation requirements towards a career. They are intended as recommendations or guides only; the sequence of courses for individual students may vary.  Students should work continuously and carefully with their advisors to ensure the accuracy of their academic plans and consult the Ferrum College Catalog for official degree requirements to graduate.

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