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Ferrum College graduates

Welcome to Ferrum College from the Office of Academic Affairs. We are pleased you are interested in exploring your future in partnership with our dedicated faculty. Ferrum College is comprised of three academic Schools: School of Arts and Humanities, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and School of Social Sciences and Professional Studies.

There are many opportunities at Ferrum to make the most of your education. Always remember your faculty are your very best resource. Seek them out often—they sincerely want to spend time working with you.

The feedback from our students in our comprehensive assessment program is very positive. Our alumni and teacher licensure student outcomes indicate success with job placementResults from the College Senior Survey (PDF) and the National Survey of Student Engagement (PDF) consistently demonstrate our students are satisfied with their experience at Ferrum. Students reflect that our faculty are among the very best and seniors acknowledge just how much they have grown after four years at Ferrum.

  • Overall, seniors indicate their academic ability, artistic ability, computer skills, creativity, leadership ability, public speaking ability, and tolerance of others with different beliefs significantly increased during their experience at Ferrum.
  • Specifically, seniors report marked increases since their freshman year in life-long learning skills evidenced in supporting their opinions with a logical argument, seeking solutions to problems and explaining them to others, evaluating the quality or reliability of information received, seeking alternative solutions to a problem, and looking up scientific research articles and resources.
  • As students prepare to graduate, as compared to their beliefs as freshmen, they are far more likely to engage in programs to clean up the environment, develop a meaningful philosophy of life, participate in a community action program, help to promote racial understanding, keep up to date with political affairs, become a community leader, and improve understanding of other countries and cultures.

Your undergraduate experience can be life-changing. Hear what our students say:  Why Ferrum College:  Student Voices.  Take advantage of every opportunity you encounter while enrolled here at Ferrum. You may discover facets of yourself you never knew and that become key aspects of your future personal and professional path.