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For Ferrum Visitors & Students

I've noticed something that needs to be fixed.

Please submit a ticket by clicking this link, and please be as detailed as possible. Thank you for your help

I cannot find the file I'm looking for

Please visit the ticket page here and describe the file that you’re looking for, and if available, its last location.

Getting Started: Faculty and Staff

How do I get setup to edit my webpage?

  1. E-mail
  2. CC your academic school secretary or
  3. Include your full name, department, and why you would like access.
  4. Wait for a response and we’ll get you squared away.

I'm unable to get logged in and I've already been setup with an account.

*If you are school faculty, you will have to navigate to your school FIRST,  before logging in. This will prevent the “this page has been disabled” error.


Please fill out a support ticket here. Please use your e-mail.