The College’s Title IX Coordinator has ultimate oversight responsibility for handling Title IX-related Complaints and for identifying and addressing any patterns or systemic problems involving Sexual Misconduct. The Title IX Coordinator is available to meet with individuals who are involved with or concerned about issues or College processes, incidents, patters or problems related to Sexual Misconduct on campus or in College programs. All allegations involving Sexual Misconduct should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator or other designated College individuals or offices as outlined in the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures.

AAUP: Sexual harassment information for faculty


Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project

Intersex and Trans Survivor Project

LGBTQ Domestic Violence

LGBTQ Sexual Violence Resources

Male Survivors

Men can Stop Rape

Men’s Nonviolence Project

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Power and Control Wheel

Equality Wheel:

Pregnant and Parenting Students

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harrasment

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


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