Living with a Roommate

Living with a roommate can be both exciting and challenging. Having a roommate can also be a lot of fun. A roommate can teach you new things, go to meals with you, help you study, or just hang out with you. Roommate names and addresses will be sent to all residential students with roommates when the assignments are made. You may want to contact your roommate before you arrive on campus to discuss your living arrangements as well as the make-up of your room.

During the first week of school, you and your roommate will be asked to negotiate a roommate contract. The Roommate Contract will help you to discuss and agree on important items such as study habits, guests, room security, bedtime, borrowing or sharing items, noise levels, private time, room clutter, and phone messages. Your Community Advisor will assist you in the process. By using this Contract, you will prevent some of the uneasiness that could develop because you do not know how your roommate feels about certain things. Take time during the summer and at the beginning of the year to invest in your roommate relationship. It will pay huge dividends in the end.

Roommate Contracts

Hall/Room: ________________________ Fall / Spring 20____
In signing this agreement we, ____________________________ and _____________________________, understand that we each have the right to live in a residence hall that is free of interference. Our actions must not interfere with a roommate’s right to free access to his or her room at all times. And our actions must not deprive a roommate of his or herright to privacy, study time, or sleep. We have discussed and we understand the following roommate rights and responsibilities:


I have the right to study and sleep in my own room, free from undue interference. Discuss: your study habits (previous and anticipated); how you feel about the radio,stereo, or TVplaying; guests and the flow of traffic in your room; how you will manage to have the private time youneed; morning and evening schedules; set up specific study hoursif needed; phone usage (what hours are “too late” for the phone to ring)
I have the rightto expect that my roommate will respect my personal belongings. Discuss: how you feel about your possessions; borrowing policy (what is okay to borrow or use, what should not be touched without asking); how will phone messages be handled
I have the right to have a clean environment in which I live. Discuss: smoking or nonsmoking; discuss how strongly you feel about the room being neat or messy orsomewhere in between; sharing responsibilitiesfor the room’s cleanliness; bathroom cleaning responsibilities with suite mates (suite mate initials _______ and _______) __________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I have the right to live in a secured and safe environment. Discuss: locking your door when going to class or meals or the shower, etc.; locking bathroom doors in suites (Bassett Hall); locking door when roommate hasstepped out and you have to leave but you are not sure if he orshe will be returning or even if he orshe took their keys ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I have the rightto be assertive.Discuss: open communication; how you feel about telling someone what you need or want; telling each other ifsomething is bothering you; what will you do if you find that communication is not good and you cannot agree upon
I have the rightto be free from intimidation and physical or emotional harm. Discuss: open communication; how you express your anger; respecting each other


To abide by College policies and procedures aslisted in the current Student Handbook.We understand that violations will be referred to the Residence Education staff. To accept responsibility for guests and their actions during theirstay on campus. Guests are required to observe all College regulations in the Student Handbook.To discuss with each other any problems that may arise under this agreement. If we cannot resolve the problem, we will ask our Community Advisor (CA), Head Resident (HR), or Residence Hall Educator (RHE) to meet with us.
Roommate Signature:   _____________________________     Roommate Signature:   ________________________________