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About Our Site Search

It will take a few days for our site search to recalibrate. In the meantime use the A-Z index to find pages and topics.

About the New Templates


We've made our template easier to navigate by decreasing the size of certain images and buttons (see #1, 2, 4, 5 below). We've also restructured the site to be more focused on academics and admissions (see #2, 4, and 5 below):

homepage template

Inner Pages

Internal pages have sidebar links (see #9 below), related to a specific page or section of the website. In this new site we'll be able to customize pages as needed. As well, contact information (or staffing, office hours, etc.) can be removed from the main content area and reside, instead, on the side bar (see #11 below). 

inner page template


Sidebar Menus

We've made the sidebars much more dynamic. They are able change as you move through the site. 
For instance, on our current website the left side menu pretty much stays the same, with few exceptions. With the new site the menu may change, based on context.


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"Information for" Dropdown Menu

dropdown menu

Page-specific Contact Information

contact information

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