Ferrum Christian Fellowship

ARTICLE I: This organization shall be known as Ferrum Christian Fellowship (FCF). This will be a non-denominational Christian organization.

ARTICLE II: Our Mission: To promote the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ: first by unselfishly seeking to advance one another in their personal relationship with Christ, second by upholding a Christian testimony by work and deed. We strive to be Christ’s ambassadors as is stated in II Corinthians 5:14-21.

ARTICLE III: Membership

  • A. Jesus Christ will forever remain the Eternal Head of FCF. NOBODY will replace His position in our organization.
  • B. Membership in this organization is open to all Ferrum College students and will NOT be restricted on the basis of race, national origin, mental or physical handicap, or sexual orientation. There are no restrictions for any members or class of members. Participation is voluntary and students may choose to attend meetings and events at their own free will.
  • C. Officers must be full-time students are Ferrum College and will be chosen based on their leadership skills and the strength of their faith. All officers are required to sign a statement of faith each year before filling their positions.
  • D. An advisor must be a full-time Ferrum College employee and is supervising based on his or her faithfulness and desire to promote Christianity on campus.
  • E. Affiliate membership is available to any members of the Ferrum community who wish to participate in FCF activities or events.



  • A. FCF will have six officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Senate Representative, and Public Relations.
  • B. The duties of each officer are as follows:
    • Ø President – Responsible for organizing and conducting all meetings and events, appointing duties to other members, revising the constitution if a revision is declared, obtaining money from the FCF account when needed, and assisting the other officers.
    • Ø Vice President – Responsible for assisting the President particularly with his or her duties, assisting other members with their duties, and stepping into the President’s position should the President be absent.
    • Ø Secretary – Responsible for keeping written records of meetings and events, attendance, an updated contact list, assisting the other officers with their duties, and stepping into the Vice President’s position should the Vice President be absent.
    • Ø Treasurer – Responsible for keeping accurate budget records, receipts, etc. He / she will also be responsible for obtaining money from the FCF account when needed, and assisting the other officers with their duties.
    • Ø Senate Representative- Responsible for maintaining communication and relaying information between the executive cabinet and the Senate, and presenting proposals or assisting in the presentation of proposals when necessary. He / she is responsible for attending all scheduled Senate meetings.
    • Ø Public Relations – Responsible for keeping good relations with the Ferrum College campus and the surrounding community. He or she will also be responsible for making sure that all activities and events are made publicly known in some form to all Ferrum College students and the surrounding community. He or she has the authority to appoint other FCF members to serve on a publicity committee to help with various aspects of public communication.
  • C. Succession of officers and responsibilities: should the President’s position become vacant, the Vice President will fill his or her position. Should the Vice President’s position become vacant, the Secretary will fill his or her position. Should the Secretary’s position become vacant, a member of FCF may apply to fill the position.
  • D. Voting: Voting for officer positions will be done annually at the end of the fall semester. Applications for positions must be turned in to the FCF advisor before going to the executive committee. The advisor will make sure that all applications remain anonymous while they are being reviewed by the executive committee. The executive committee will then screen all applications and pass or deny them in accordance with Article III section C. After screening the applications, all passed applicant’s names and their desired position will be presented to all FCF members and an anonymous written ballot will be cast one position at a time (absentee ballots are also accepted). Once all votes have been made on a position, the President will sort through them and determine the winner for that position.
    • Clause: Applicants may apply for more than one position. If an applicant applies for more than one position and wins one position, they have the option of turning down that position and giving it to the runner up if they desire the chance at winning another position; however, they cannot get back the previously won position if they do not win another position. If they accept the first position won, their name will be removed from any other positions they are running for.


ARTICLE V: Executive Council

  • A. The Executive Council will consist of the officers as defined in Article IV, section A and a representative of any formed Ad-hoc committee.
  • B. The Executive Council’s formed responsibility is to discuss the officer’s tasks at hand and plan for upcoming meetings, events, and activities.
  • C. Executive Council meetings are called by either the President or the Advisor on a needed basis.

ARTICLE VI: Meetings

  • A. A FCF meeting will be held the third Monday of each month. The President will call the meetings and notify the members through previous meetings or some other form of contact. Only the President can call an emergency meeting unless the meeting calls for an impeachment of the President.
  • B. Meetings will open with prayer and end in prayer. Meetings will be held to discuss activities and events, the budget, problems, ideas, etc.

ARTICLE VII: Committees

  • A. Should the officers feel a need to create an Ad-hoc committee, they may do so. The Executive Council will select the members of any formed Ad-hoc committee and outline their duties.


  • A. Members of FCF will not be required to pay dues.
  • B. Allocation Procedure: The officers will determine how much money should be retrieved from the FCF account by consensus. The treasurer shall maintain all financial records, and shall countersign all financial transactions with a second club officer or the advisor.

ARTICLE IX: Elections

  • A. All election guidelines and criteria are outlined in Article IV, section D.


  • A. A simple majority of the Executive Council is needed to conduct a FCF meeting.

ARTICLE XI: Discipline and Expulsion of Member

  • A. The disciplinary actions will follow the scripture as set forth in Matthew 18: 15-17.

ARTICLE XII: Selection of a Faculty of Staff Advisor

  • A. The Dean of the Chapel’s office will have a say in the selection of the Advisor, for FCF is responsible to the Dean of the Chapel.
  • B. The voting privileges of the Advisor are outlined in Article III, section D.

ARTICLE XIII: Impeachment of Officers or Others in a Leadership Role

  • A. Officers may be impeached from office if they fail to fulfill their duties, but they will not be denied membership to FCF. Should an officer fail to perform his or her duties, or defile the Lord’s name in a manner that disrupts the mission of FCF, the remaining Executive Council will host a meeting to discuss the possible impeachment. A majority of the remaining officers and the Advisor must agree to the impeachment of their fellow officer and address the entire organization at the next meeting. An immediate application process will begin in order to fill the vacant position at the Executive Council’s will.
  • B. Grounds for impeachment include more than three absences per semester from leadership team meetings, or the persistence, after review, of specific violations of the articles denoted in the FCF Spiritual Leadership contract.
  • C. An officer will not be reinstated. However, they may reapply for their position, or any other position the following year.

ARTICLE XIV: Vacancies in Leadership

  • A. The guidelines and criteria for vacancies in leadership are outlined in Article IV, section C.

ARTICLE XV: Constitutional Changes

  • A. Any member of FCF may suggest a constitutional revision.
  • B. The revision must be suggested to a member of the Executive Council. During an Executive Council meeting, the officer will present the Council with the suggested revision and all officers must agree to the revision. The President will the revise the constitution and notify the members of Ferrum Christian Fellowship at the next meeting.

APPENDIX A: Historical Reference of the Constitution

  • A. The constitution was written by the first President, Abby Rusnak. It was then accepted by four students and the first Advisor, Jason Powell on August 29, 2003.
  • B. The constitution was edited by the Executive Council November 4, 2004.
  • C. The Constitution was edited and added to by the Executive Council on November 5, 2006.