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The mission of the School of Social Sciences and Professional Studies is to maintain quality, up-to-date curricula in the 12 majors and 17 minors. Each program will provide academically rigorous courses and experiential learning, integrated into a liberal arts curriculum, from a talented and service-oriented faculty who are able to guide students as they develop their skills towards a wide variety of professions.  Non-majors will be well served by courses offered to fulfill college requirements while providing them with an understanding of vital topics such as Business, Criminal Justice, Health and Human Performance, Psychology, and others. Students will also work with faculty on service projects which benefit the surrounding community, including tax form completion for lower income community members, wellness and recreational programming for local schools and agencies, and survey development and analysis for the community to name just a few. These hands-on experiences combine learning with service and help students to fully achieve the Ferrum College motto: “Not Self But Others.”

Meet the Dean of Social Sciences and Professional Studies
Dr. Kevin Reilly

Welcome to the School of Social Sciences and Professional Studies! Our outstanding faculty and staff offer strong programs in several disciplines such as Accounting, Business, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Health and Human Performance, International Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation Leadership, Social Work, and Teacher Education. We are particularly proud of the newest addition to our school, the Criminal Justice Forensics House. This hands-on learning environment for Criminal Justice majors and minors is one of only four on the East Coast! We’d love to talk with you about exciting opportunities in our school and at Ferrum. Please call me at 540-365-4407 or e-mail me at to learn more!

Kevin P. Reilly