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Dr. Tim Durham
Assistant Professor of Agronomy / Agricultural Sciences
Program Coordinator of Agricultural Sciences

Email: tdurham@ferrum.edu
Office phone: (540) 365-6948
Office: Garber 116
Teaching at Ferrum since: 2013

Tim Durham

D.P.M., Plant Medicine, University of Florida 

P.G. Diploma, Applied Science, Lincoln University (New Zealand) 

B.S., Plant Sciences, Cornell University 

A.A.S., Horticulture/Greenhouse Management, Suffolk County Community College 


AGS 110: Issues in Agriculture
AGS 218: Regional Experiences in Agriculture (E-Term)
AGS 314: Animal and Plant Breeding and Genetics (team taught)
AGS X80/X81: Practicum
AGY 301: Principles of Field and Forage Crop Production
AGY 315: Soil Science and Management
BIO 111: General Biology
BIO 202: Introduction to Plant Science
BIO X95: Independent Study
BIO 419: Plant Physiology and Biotechnology
HOR 418: Plant Pest Management
NSM 307: Junior Seminar
NSM 399: Professional Preparation
NSM 497: Senior Seminar
NSM 498: Senior Presentation 


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Crop variety evaluation

Underutilized and niche crops

Best Management Practices (BMP’s), especially as they relate to slow release fertilizers

Reduced risk and biological pesticides

Comparative risk assessment of transgenic and conventional crops.