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Natalia Smelkova
Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Office phone: (540) 365-4362
Office: Garber 314
Teaching at Ferrum since: 2007


Ph.D., Sackler Institute of Biomedical Sciences New York University School of Medicine – Biochemistry
M.S., Moscow State University – Organic Chemistry of Nucleic Acids
B.S., Moscow State University – Chemistry  
Vologda State Pedagogical Institute, Biology and Chemistry Education 

BIO101 – General Biology

CHM 105 – Introduction into Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

CHM 301 – Organic Chemistry (part I)

CHM 302 – Organic Chemistry (part II)

CHM 315 – Biochemistry (writing intensive) 

LSC 307 – Junior Seminar

Patricio Abarzua, Natalia Smelkova and Jason Sparkowski Universal Reagents for Rolling Circle Amplification and Methods of Use. US Patent: US 2004/0191784 A1, 2004.

Smelkova, N. and Marians, K.J. Timely release of both replication Forks from OriC requires modulation of Origin topology. (2001) J. Biolog. Chemistry, 276 (42), p.39186-39191.

Smelkova, N. V., and Borowiec, J.A. (1998) Synthetic DNA Replication Bubbles bound and unwound with Twofold symmetry by a Simian Virus T antigen Double Hexamer. J. Virol. 72 (11), p.8766-8773.


Smelkova, N. V. and Borowiec, J.A. (1997) Activation of SV40 T antigen DNA helicase by Hexamer Dimerization J. Virol. 71(11),p.8766-8773.

 Smelkova, N. V., Elov A.A., and Shabarova, Z.A. (1992)

Construction of mRNA-coding DNA templates of preset structure by means of polymerase chain reactions. Bioorganicheskaja Khimia, 18, 78-84.


MDA (Multiple Displacement Amplification) reaction as an alternative to PCR way of DNA production.
Chemistry of Art.
Freshwater pseudo-ecosystem.