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Laura Grochowski
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Program Coordinator of Forensic Science

Office phone: (540) 365-6949
Office: Garber 302
Teaching at Ferrum since: 2011

Laura Grochowski

Oregon State University, College of Pharmacy, PhD in Medicinal Chemistry
Delaware Valley College, BS in Biology, Minor in Chemistry

Organic Chemistry I (CHM301)

Organic Chemistry II (CHM302)

Medicinal Chemistry (CHM490)

General Inorganic Chemistry (CHM101)

General Chemistry (CHM103)

Independent Research in Chemistry

Junior Seminar (NSM307)

Senior Seminar I (NSM497)

Freshman Gateway Seminar (GWS-101)

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Non-refereed Publications

1. Yin, X.; Mahadevan, B., Grochowski, L.; and Proteau, P.J. Streptomyces murayamaensis kinamycin gene cluster, partial sequence (34,564 bp). Direct submission to GenBank. (Accession #AY228175).

2. Yin, X.; Mahadevan, B., Grochowski, L.; and Proteau, P.J. Streptomyces murayamaensis putative ribonucleotide reductase gene, partial CDS adjacent to the kinamycin gene cluster (2563 bp). Direct submission to GenBank. (Accession #AY228174).

3. Cone, MC.; Grochowski, L.; Yin, X.; and Zabriskie T.M. Complete Sequence and Organization of the Blasticidin S Biosynthesis Gene Cluster from Streptomyces griseochromogenes (36,677 bp). Direct submission to GenBank, (Accession #AY196214).

Although my main research interests are in the study of antibiotic and coenzyme biosynthesis, I enjoy working with students to explore areas of chemistry in which they are most interested. Past student projects have involved isolation of natural products from plant sources and the induction of secondary metabolites following plant infestation with root-knot nematodes. Other research projects I have mentored have allowed students to become more familiar with the instrumentation that we have available. This has included the development of a new lab for Environmental Science focused on the detection of polyaromatic compounds in soil following industrial contamination by GC-MS and the analysis of blood alcohol content by GC-MS.