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Katie Goff
Associate Professor of Biology
Program Coordinator of PreProfessional Sciences

Email: kgoff@ferrum.edu
Office phone: (540) 365-4468
Office: Garber 114
Teaching at Ferrum since: 2008

Katie Goff

BS, Virginia Tech
MS, West Virginia University
PhD, Virginia Tech 

BIO 101, Introduction to Biology

BIO 254/255, Human Anatomy

Physiology I and II

Jordan, K.M., A. K. Wurst, E.K. Inskeep, and M. Knights. 2004. Effect of time of GnRH injection relative to ram introduction on the induction of fertile estrus in sheep during the non-breeding season. Journal of Animal Science 82(Suppl. 1):310

K.M. Jordan, J.W. Knight, and D.R. Notter. 2007. Ability of ewes to rebreed while lactating in spring. Journal of Animal Science 86(Suppl. 1):394.

I am interested in how daylength, lactation, and stress affect reproductive parameters such as endocrine profiles, ovulation rate, and duration of the breeding season. My previous work has focused on investigating how daylength interacts with breed to influence neuroendocrine control of the breeding season in the ewe. Future work will focus on further elucidating seasonal control of reproduction using small animal models such as the golden hamster. I welcome involvement of motivated undergraduate researchers.