BAB Chair

Douglas R. Monk

As the parent of a Ferrum College graduate and a businessman, Doug Monk has a variety of experiences from which to draw as he serves as the Chair of the Business Advisory Board.

Started by Dr. Tsanacus several years ago, the board is comprised of business and community leaders providing expertise on a variety of issues in the corporate world. In twice yearly sessions, the BAB discusses what Monk calls “the good, the bad and the ugly of the real world.” The goal is to assist the leaders of the Ferrum College business program in preparing students for success upon graduation. Monk notes a developing change in the philosophy and focus of the program, putting more emphasis on the classes and courses of study utilized in the “real world” as opposed to the “same stuff everyone teaches.” While he says this is not a huge change in the curriculum at Ferrum, it represents acknowledging the important aspects of real world business education.

Monk graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Engineering and from Georgia Southern University with an MBA. After working with William L. Bonnell Corporation, Monk relocated to Richmond, VA, where he retired in 2004 as the Chief Operating Officer of The Tredegar Corporation. Monk encourages other business professionals to participate in activities such as the BAB whenever possible. “It is important to help students at the school and use my experience as a businessperson to assist in keeping curriculum current and viable for the business world. If I can provide expertise and help students do a job more successfully, then that’s good.”

Monk feels the small school environment fosters students well and that the faculty genuinely believes in the “hands on” approach to education. Judging from experience, Monk says Ferrum assists students in developing an attitude that they can succeed and can achieve a degree in four years. His daughter, Jaclyn, class of 2003, is a teacher and he credits Ferrum with a great deal of that success, through encouragement, support and preparation.