Beckham Society

It is the goal of the members of The Beckham Society to create educational opportunities for current and future Ferrum College students.

The Beckham Society recognizes alumni and friends who have made Ferrum College a beneficiary of a deferred gift through their wills, trusts, life insurance policies, gift annuities, or other deferred gift arrangements. The Beckham Society is named in memory of Ferrum’s first president, Dr. Benjamin Beckham.

2014 – 2015 Members

Mr. Charles M. Abernathy `45 Mr. S. Kelly Herrick `84
Mr. Alan W. Adkins `68 Mrs. Rachel M. Holmes
Mr. William H. Aiken Jr. `60 Mrs. Rebecca Brammer Houchins `62
Mr. Carl D. Akers `59 and Mrs. Mary Wade Akers `59 Mr. William L. Hudson `63
Rev. James S. Angle `56 Mr. John W. Inge IV `73
Anonymous (3) Ms. Patricia Lynn Kibler `69
Rev. C. Wes Astin, Jr. `74 Mr. John G. Kines Jr. `68
Mr. James W. Bailey `64 Ms. Mariah M. Koptis `05
Mr. William B. Bales Mr. Steven C. Lambert
Mr. Paul S. Barbery Mr. J. York Lindsey `76
Mrs. Betty A. Beatty Mr. James R. Lindsey
Mr. Robert S. Bell Sr. Mr. Sam L. Lionberger
Ms. Susan E. Bell `90 Mr. J. Glynn Loope `86
Mrs. Shirley Register Bisselle `54 Mrs. Evelyn G. Loree
Mr. Daniel R. Blasche `83 Mr. Kip Lornell
Mr. Scott A. Bono `90 and Mrs. Sharon Matney Bono `85 Mrs. Clarice Lynn
Mr. William G. Booker Jr. `61 Mr. and Mrs. Judson P. Mason `67
Dr. Jerry M. Boone Mr. Sidney D. Mason
Dr. Jennifer L. Braaten and Rev. Conrad Braaten  Dr. Ellis F. Maxey `42
Mr. Billy Byrd `82 Mr. John B. McCoy `68
Mrs. Violet P. Carter Dr. Kenneth R. McCreedy
Mr. Worth H. Carter Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Menefee `42
Ms. Christi Lee Cherry Mr. Richard R. Menefee Sr. `43
Mr. Michael T. Christian `63 Mrs. Wise S. Moon
Mrs. Pauline Yates Clark `41 Mr. J. Roddy Moore
Mr. Robert A. Cox Jr. Dr. M. Douglas Newman Sr. `42
Mr. L. Wayne Creasman `61 Mr. David A. Norford `65
Mr. John M. Crockett `68 Mr. Hank Norton Jr. `97
Mr. Matt Cross `69 and Mrs. Nancy Sink Cross `69 Mrs. Richard F. Pence
Mr. Carthan F. Currin III `84 Ms. Linda L. Perdue `67
Mrs. Frances Martin Dale `66 Dr. Marvin M. Phaup Jr.
Mr. Allen DeHart `54 Mr. A. Charles Phillips `62
Mr. James R. Dennis `86 Mr. Joseph H. Philpott Jr. `64
Mr. Kevin O. Dill `79 Mr. Lawrence V. Pilson
Mr. Michael C. Donavant `72 Mrs. Theresa M. Potter
Mr. Tommy L. Dowdy `63 Ms. Marny S. Richardson `66
Ms. Mary Jane Elkins Dr. Henry L. Roediger III
Mrs. Alice McDaniel Elliott `03 Mr. Robert G. Rother `77
Capt. George W. Elliott `38 Mr. Richard H. Sadler
Mr. Edmond B. Fitzgerald IV `82 Mr. George W. Seals
Dr. Douglas W. Foard `63 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Simmons `63
Mrs. Betty J. Forbes Mr. Charles A. Skinner `48
Mr. Clyde K. Gantt `80 Ms. Elsie C. Slayton
Mr. Kenneth M. Gassman Jr. Dr. Joseph D. Stogner and Ms. Jane Duncan Stogner 
Mr. Ed G. George `68 Mr. David B. Stroupe `57 and Mrs. Nancy Yaple Stroupe `56
Mr. Richard Anthony Giesen Mr. David L. Struebing
Mr. K. Edward Goode Sr. `46 and Mrs. Reva Edwards Goode `46 Mr. Robert W. Todd `67
Mr. Bruce A. Griffith `66 Mrs. Sharlene Pritchett Wade `89
Mr. Johnny V. Halsey `66 Mrs. Addie Haynes Walker
Mr. Peter Hartman Dr. Gregory D. Watson `88 and Mrs. Colleen Haddon Watson `89
Mr. William C. Hartnett `62 Mr. G. Scott White `74 and Mrs. Leigh Huff White `74
Dr. Delia R. Heck and Rev. John H. Heck   

Jud Mason

Judson P. (Jud) Mason, Jr. ’67
Jud Mason is the chair of the Ferrum College Beckham Society. He is a former member of the Ferrum College Board of Trustees and served as chair of the Institutional Advancement Committee as well as chair of the Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

 In 2006 Mason was awarded the Ferrum College Beckham Medallion (the College’s highest honor given to an alumnus) and in 1996 was inducted into the Ferrum College Alumni Sports Hall of Fame where he was honored for not only his service as a manager and student trainer, but for his passion for Ferrum athletics, and his accomplishments throughout his life.

Colonel Mason served in the United States Marine Corps for thirty years, retiring in 2000. Highlights of his career included serving in three of the four Marine Aircraft Wings and with Marine Helicopter Squadron One at Quantico, Virginia.

Prior to his military service, Mason received his Associate in Arts from Ferrum Junior College in 1967. He transferred to the College of William and Mary, graduating in 1970 with a Bachelor of Arts and in 1976 with a Master's in Education and is also a graduate of the National Defense University, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington DC.

Colonel Mason exemplifies Ferrum College’s “Not Self, But Others” motto with generous service to his alma mater and to various church and civic groups.
For more information about becoming a Beckham Society member, please contact: 
George W. Seals, Director of Planned and Principal Gifts, gseals@ferrum.edu or 540-365-4299.