Arthur Society

Name after the Reverend Dr. C. Ralph Arthur for his legacy of fundraising as Ferrum's seventh President, the Arthur Society honors alumni and friends who give at least $1,000 to the Ferrum Fund (unrestricted operating fund) during the fiscal year.


2012–2013 Member List

Mr. William H. Aiken, Jr. 1960 Ms. Patricia Lynn Kibler 1969
Mr. Roger Anglin and Mrs. Sue Thomas Anglin 1965 Mr. Steven C. Lambert
Mr. Parker A. Arthur and Mrs. Jan H. Arthur Mr. Samuel L. Lionberger, Jr. and Mrs. Lorinda G. Lionberger
Mr. C. Ralph Arthur, Jr. and Mrs. Sarah Shively Arthur 1968 Mr. Aubrey Lee Mason 1970 and Mrs. Sandra C. Mason
Mr. Thomas C. Arthur and Mrs. Carolyn F. Arthur Mr. Judson P. Mason 1967 and Mrs. Jackie Rascoe Mason
Mr. Walter C. Ayers 1962 and Mrs. Lynn Parker Ayers Mr. Richard R. Menefee, Sr. 1943
Mr. Richard H. Baldwin 1977 and Mrs. Donna K. Baldwin Ms. Kathleen E. O'Malley
Mrs. Kimberly P. Blair Ms. Martha J. Perry
Dr. Jennifer L. Braaten and Rev. Conrad A. Braaten Dr. Marvin M. Phaup, Jr.
Mr. H. Allen Carver 1963 and Mrs. Page A. Carver Mr. Baxter F. Phillips, Jr. 1966 and Mrs. Sharon Lee Phillips 1966
Mrs. Ruth Groves Chaney Mr. Craig L. Rascoe 1974 and Mrs. Karen K. Rascoe
Mr. Michael T. Christian 1963 and Mrs. Nancy Christian Mr. Robert B. Ravenscroft and Mrs. Gretchen Ravenscroft
Dr. Douglas E. Clark Ms. Lucy B. Ricardo
Mr. Peter Clements 1977 and Mrs. Nancy Christian Mr. George F. Rich and Mrs. Karen B. Rich
Mr. Peter H. Coley 1973 Rev. Amos S. Rideout, Jr. 1962 and Mrs. Moonyeen Rideout
Mrs. Patricia O. Compton Dr. Robert F. Roth
Mrs. Rosie S. Craig Mr. J. Keith Rowe 1977 and Mrs. Mary Ann Rowe
Mrs. Thelma B. Crowder and Dr. Harold Crowder Mr. Walter Rugaber and Mrs. Sally R. Rugaber
Mrs. Mary Ann DeTrana Dr. Lee B. Sheaffer and Mrs. Sue Sheaffer
Capt. George W. Elliott 1938 Mrs. Nancy P. Shively
Mrs. Marsha Stanley Fay Mr. Thomas J. Shumaker 1975 and Mrs. Debbie Shumaker
Mr. Edmond B. Fitzgerald, IV 1982 and Mrs. Angela Gillespie Fitzgerald Mr. Dee H. Slaughter 1972 and Mrs. Donna Slaughter
Mrs. Betty J. Forbes and Mr. Stanley O. Forbes, Sr. Mrs. Irma H. Smart and Mr. Garland Smart
Mr. Clyde K. Gantt 1980 Mr. James L. Stanley 1948 and Mrs. Agnes P. Stanley*
Mr. Kenneth M. Gassman, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Bo Gassman Ms. Adeline Sunday
Dr. Annette Gibbs Dr. Gerard T. Taylor 1963 and Mrs. Anne K. Taylor
Mr. Stewart R. Hargrove, Sr. 1978 and Mrs. Lynn Hargrove Hon. Bobby W. Thompson 1970 and Mrs. Glenda Scott Tompson 1969
Dr. Delia R. Heck and Rev. John H. Heck Mr. Mervyn C. Timberlake, Jr. 1967 and Mrs. Carolyn Timberlake
Mr. S. Kelly Herrick 1984 Mr. Robert W. Todd 1967 and Mrs. Barbara H. Todd
Mr. Donald Hopkins and Mrs. Leila P. Hopkins Mr. Charles W. Tysinger 1968 and Mrs. Alycia F. Tysinger
Mrs. Hazel Wall Hunt 1950 Mr. Steve F. Walker 1970 and Mrs. Brenda Walker
Mr. Donald D. Jennings 1958 and Mrs. Eleanor Jennings Mr. Randolph H. Watts and Mrs. Carol Danowski Watts
Mr. C. Henry Jones Mr. Ronald L. Willard, Sr. and Mrs. Kris T. Willard
Mrs. Phyllis Quinn Karavatakis 1976 and Mr. Nick J. Karavatakis Dr. Andrea P. Zuschin and Dr. David A. Zuschin


Edmund B. Fitzgerald IV

Edmund B. Fitzgerald IV ’82

“A place where everyone knows your name” is the description Ed Fitzgerald ’82 gives of his home town of Gretna, Va. It is the same description he gives of Ferrum College and the close-knit community that surrounds it. “The professors offer support to every student and you are able to form a personal relationship with the staff,” says Fitzgerald. He carried this feeling and the motto of Ferrum College, “not self, but others,” into the small telephone company he ran years later. “Professors at Ferrum cared about the success of students, and in my business I cared about the success and happiness of the customers.”

While he was a student at Ferrum, Fitzgerald admits his lifestyle required discipline and notes that his teachers constantly showed him how much they cared by “sticking their noses into his business.”

Caring and thoughtfulness are the hallmarks of Fitzgerald’s current activities. He is actively involved in many community-based programs, such as the Kairos Prison Ministries, his son’s Christian Fellowship club, and activities at nursing homes and homeless shelters. Fitzgerald and his family, which includes his wife and his two children, have traveled to India several times to work with vacation Bible school and area ministries. He believes that sharing his faith and giving back to his community are essential aspects of his life. “You must embrace your work and find your passion in life,” says Fitzgerald. “I think every day about how I can contribute something to better the world, and I hope others can do the same.”

Fitzgerald is quick to point out what a terrific investment can be found in the future of Ferrum College. “In today’s world, there are so many opportunities for use of your time and money and so many chances to lose everything; investing in Ferrum is a guaranteed 100 percent return on your investment.” As a member of the Alumni Board of Directors, he has seen firsthand the changes visible on campus, from the environmentally friendly new buildings to the increase in support at football games and campus activities, demonstrating how Ferrum is looking toward the future and pursuing excellence. Says Fitzgerald, “I still love to walk onto campus and talk to the students about what they are doing. Not many colleges still have that kind of family atmosphere.” He feels that the students graduating from Ferrum are truly prepared to live the Ferrum motto. Fitzgerald sums it up best when he says, “How can you go wrong being associated with Ferrum College?”


For more information about becoming an Arthur Society member, please contact:

Gene Bourne, Director of Ferrum Fund, gbourne@ferrum.edu or 540-365-4310.