Wednesday, February 1st, Virginia Room, 5:30pm
Wednesday, March 6th, Virginia Room, 5:30pm
Wednesday, April 2nd, Virginia Room, 5:30pm

Ever wondered what made your professor decide to be a professor?  Wondering where your undergraduate degree will take you?  Come and enjoy a catered meal with faculty from various departments and learn about their background and experiences.  RSVP is required.  Space is limited.

Got Work Experience?  Hear About What an Internship Can Do for You!

Wednesday, February 15th, Panthers Den, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Expand on your education and build marketable skills with real world experience.  Learn how to find, develop and land an internship from students, faculty and staff who have had or currently are in an internship.  Over sixty percent of internships turn into full time job offers!


TBA, Spring Semester 2012

The brilliant Chinese philosopher, Confucius, said "If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life."  Attending graduate school can open doors that may lead to the career of your dreams.  The School of Social Sciences has established a new program, Students Success through Intentional and Strategic Post-Graduate Education (ISAGE).  The ISAGE program encourages and challenges students to pursue post-graduate education opportunities by assisting students in mapping a clearly defined path that will take then through the Realization, Exploration, Narrowing and Preparation stages relevant to a successful application process.  We hold four meetings a year with each stage as its focus.  Faculty and staff of Ferrum College invite students to participate in ISAGE who have been identified as having the potential for academic achievement, motivation, and work ethic that can lead to success in graduate school.


Free, Career Services Office, Lower Franklin Hall, Available when you are ready!

The Career Services Office has several assessments to help you learn more about your personality strengths, interests, and values adn how they all tie together to make you the person you are.  These assessments can hellp you find the major and career that fit well with you and your goals.  Stop by the Career Services Office to get directions on taking these assessments and to schedule a time to meet with staff to discuss your results.

Sophomore End-of-the-Year BBQ

Thursday, April 19th, Picnic Grove beside the Fitness Center, 5:00pm

Take a break from your studies and get together with your Class of 2014 before heading out for the summer.  Enjoy a great meal, volleyball, and music.  Just think, you are almost half-way there!