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Walters Wins Penn State Alumni Award


Ferrum's Roland E. Walters, Jr. Wins Penn State Alumni Award.

Director of Ferrum College Career Services Office is 2011 recipient of the Leadership & Service Award from the College of Education at Penn State University.

Ferrum, Va. (Dec. 14, 2011) – Roland E. Walters, Jr., director of the Career Services Office at Ferrum College, is the 2011 recipient of the Leadership & Service Award from the College of Education at Penn State University. Walters was honored at the College of Education’s annual Alumni Society Awards Banquet held in October.

Walters received a bachelor of science degree in secondary education with an English teaching option in 1971 and a master’s of education degree in counseling and student personnel in 1972, both from Penn State.

At Ferrum College, Walters provides leadership for an inclusive career services office that focuses on career planning and the employment search process for approximately 1,500 students. He also plans and conducts a career week program for students, which includes faculty, staff, and community involvement. In addition, he teaches two or more classes annually.

A Pottsville, Pa., native, Walters, who currently lives in Roanoke, Va., previously worked in many positions, which include director of the Career Services Center at Radford University for 18 years; a consultant for AT&T; and a career counselor at Wytheville Community College. He served in the military for five years during the Vietnam War era and advanced to Top Secret security clearance in the U.S. Navy.

He is a member of many organizations and has received many honors and awards. A highlight of his career was being one of nine career services directors from across the U.S. selected to participate in the Fulbright Scholarship to Germany in 2007. While abroad, he learned about the German higher education system and was able to share goals and outcomes with international colleagues.

James McBride, Jr., a friend and colleague for over 20 years, said of Walters, “He worked diligently and with limited resources for many years to develop an outstanding career services operation at Radford University. He has dedicated hundreds of hours of his time to the further development of our profession through his work in state and regional associations. Rol has trained numerous graduate students who have successfully secured employment throughout the country. I think his impact on the field is already being felt and will continue to be for many years to come.”

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