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Vietnam Veteran Given Proper Burial Thanks in Part to Alumnus' Belief in Ferrum College Motto “Not Self, But Others.”


Recently Sammy Oakey ’82 helped give Vietnam veteran Barry Wayne Capito a proper burial when he died last month with little money and no family. In spite of his lack of money or connection, Capito was laid to rest in the Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery in Dublin with full military honors thanks to Oakey’s Funeral Service and 16-year U.S. Navy veteran Ron Kotz, a Virginia Department of Veterans Services claims agent.

“Oakey’s has a long standing policy of never turning a family in need away. Not providing Mr. Capito a proper and dignified burial would have been the wrong thing to do. I learned life lessons about kindness while attending Ferrum College during my formative years,” said Oakey, who said concern for those less fortunate was instilled in students by faculty and staff who demonstrated this daily. “To this day, I remember it exemplified across campus in all areas, from Mrs. Corron in the business department to Mrs. Mountcastle in the cafeteria.”

Oakey continued, “I've noticed more than once how our philosophy mirrors the College’s 'Not Self, But Others' motto. We hope to always ‘pass forward’ this compassion and responsibility in every aspect of our business.”

“Sam epitomizes our motto, “Not Self, But Others,” said Ferrum College Vice President for Institutional Advancement Kim Blair. “He is a wonderful example for our current students about how important it is to reach out and provide support to those in need in your community.”

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