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Model Car Show in Stanley Library


Model Car Collection on Display in Stanley Library


Ferrum, Va. (February 14, 2011) – There is a rare and limited edition collection of die-cast metal cars on display at Stanley Library.  The collection includes famous and detailed models and an array of books magazines, and pamphlets.

 The cars belong to Rol Walters, the Director of Career Services, and collected over 15 years.  His collection features cars that are exact replicas from as early as 1921.  There are 26 models accurately detailed to museum quality in 1:24 scale.

Among the cars, is a 1948 Tucker, one of the 51 that the Tucker Company was able to produce before it went bankrupt and, a model of the 1961 100X Lincoln Presidential Limousine that President John F. Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated.  There are also examples of Roll-Royces, a Ferrari Testa Rossa, the Bugatti Royale, and a 1966 Shelby Cobra Super Snake. 

Accompanying the exhibit is a display of books, magazines and pamphlets detailing the model car-collecting hobby, and showcasing some of the most famous collectable cars available. Also shown are rewards that Walters received while driving competitively in local Autocross events. 

Autocross is best described as medium speed racing events that emphasize the handling of a motor vehicle.  “The idea is to show how well you can control a vehicle,” says Walters.  Walters has participated in Autocross since his college days.  The first car that he bought and drove in competition was an MGB-I, which he bought in Scotland.   

Walters was inspired to start collecting these cars because he could not afford to buy the real ones.

According to Walters, his collection is “eclectic.”  “Some people specialize in one type of cars, such as, trucks, Fords, compact cars… Mine is a collection of vehicles from around the world, and I try to collect anything that is special and stands out in the automotive field,” says Walters. 

The exhibit will be available for viewing throughout the remainder of the spring semester, and will be available during normal library hours.

This News Release was prepared by Public Relations Intern Stephen Washington.