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Ferrum Students to Attend Salzburg Global Seminar


Ferrum Students to Attend Salzburg Global Seminar

Mellon Foundation helps underwrite Students’ study experience in Austria.

Ferrum, Va. (December 7, 2010) –  Ferrum College students Caitlin Fournier, Meagan Hodges, Jessi Naff and Cody Wright have been chosen to travel to Salzburg, Austria from January 3-10, 2011 to attend the Salzburg Global Seminar on Global Citizenship.

The Salzburg Global Seminar was established in 1947, as a way to educate the next generation of world leaders. The students will study at the Schloss Leopoldskron, an 18th century baroque castle that has been completely retrofitted to accommodate modern technology.  The terrace of the Schloss was featured in a memorable scene in the 1965 film “The Sound of Music.”

The program is underwritten in part by the Mellon Foundation, as part of the Mellon Fellows Community Initiative Program.  “This opportunity is one that can both literally and figuratively open up the world for students,” said Dr. David Howell, Ferrum College associate professor of religion and one of the co-authors of Ferrum’s original grant proposal to the Salzburg Global Seminar.

While in Austria the students will participate in group study exercises, attend lectures and cultural exchange seminars.  The seminar was created to “make students more aware of global issues and of what it means to be a ‘global citizen’, more discerning in their assessment of information pertaining to world affairs, and more understanding of America’s place in the world as well as of non-Americans’ perception of the U.S., ” according to the official website.

The Ferrum students were chosen from a pool of students in the Boone Honors Program and other student academic leaders, based upon a letter of application, transcripts, and faculty recommendations.   Each will receive a $500 grant from either the Ferrum College Provost’s office or the Boone Honors Program to help pay travel expenses.  All other expenses on site are paid by the Mellon Foundation grant.

“I am so excited to be able to study in Austria, and to get a feel for how the world works – especially the world outside the United States,” said Meagan Hodges, who is majoring in English and philosophy. 

Fellow student Jessi Naff, concurred.  “We learn about foreign cultures in class and we hear what other people say about America, but the chance to meet with students from other nations, and to learn about world issues from other perspectives, is so important,” she said.  Naff is majoring in social studies and is a student in Ferrum’s Teacher Education Program.

During the students’ week at the seminar they plan to send back pictures to campus as well as update the Ferrum College Blog – so that others may also benefit from their experience.