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Ferrum College SIFE Team Receives $4,500 in Grants.


Ferrum College SIFE Team Receives $4,500 in Grants.

Monetary Awards granted by SIFE USA will benefit Financial Education, Women’s Empowerment and Small Business Projects.

Ferrum, Va. (Dec. 27, 2011) – The Ferrum College Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Team recently received three $1,500 grants from SIFE USA, which will fund three distinctly different student projects designed to benefit small businesses in Franklin County.

Ferrum SIFE Team members Marcus Burwell, Christina Mannino and Caitlin Swan will utilize a HSBC–North American Financial Education for Small Business grant to help Foster's Country Market and Green House with web site creation, staff financial training, and improving computer skills for inventory tracking.

“This project is very important to me because the economy these days is rapidly moving, which doesn't allow small businesses with lower income, such as Foster’s Produce, to catch up with the appropriate technology for their business,” said Mannino. “I am very privileged to be able to help rebuild and restore the company to its main purpose of selling locally grown fresh produce.”

For her WalMart Empowering Women project, Ferrum College senior psychology major Vinsetta MacDaniel will work with the Family Resources Center to help women who are in or have been in abusive relationships learn to make their own decisions, get additional education, find a job and set up their own businesses.

Senior accounting major and women’s basketball team captain Kristen Keith will use a Sam's Club Step Up for Small Business grant to work with two cabinet shops to help them improve their financial performance as well as assist them with their efforts to operate more sustainably through recycling, reduction of energy use, and sourcing woods from sustainable forests.

“Our SIFE team is now in its twenty-third year and has a good success record of community involvement,” said Ferrum College Business Professor Dr. Demetri Tsanacas, who started Ferrum’s SIFE program in 1988. “Small businesses are the backbone of Franklin County and the United States and we need to do all that we can to make sure they survive and prosper.”

SIFE is an international collegiate program designed to encourage, “the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business.”

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