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Ferrum College Community Marches to Beat Cancer


Ferrum, Va. (April 11, 2011) – Ferrum College students, faculty and staff braved threatening weather and did their part to fight cancer, during the 2011 Relay for Life.  With money still coming in, the most accurate fundraising total available to date is $14,420. 

“We’re fortunate that we were able to move things indoors and continue with our event,” said organizer Jill Adams, Ferrum College Student Health Programs Coordinator.  “Storms came just about the time it got dark, but we moved to the Fitness Center and didn’t miss a beat.”

The event kicked off about 6 p.m. with the traditional Survivors walk, followed by the Care-givers walk, which were held in the quad outside Franklin Hall.  After two ceremonial laps, everyone joined in.  Once weather became a factor, participants did their walking around the outside of the two basketball courts inside the Fitness Center.  The event is based upon teams of eight to 15 people who takes turns walking through the night.  Each team is expected to have at least one representative on the track at all times during the event.

Organizers provided a DJ, live bands – including the campus Praise Band, as well as Zumba classes, tie-dyed shirts and cotton candy for the all night event.

Adams estimates that 300 people participated in the Ferrum Relay.  Worldwide,  the event has become the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, generating more than $400 million annually.  According to the Society, more than

$3 billion has been raised since Relay’s inception in 1985.