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Ferrum College Certificate Programs Complement Traditional Courses of Study


Certificates enhance undergraduate education and open more doors to future employment.

Ferrum, Va. (January 7, 2013) – Ferrum College’s unique Academic Certificate Programs in  Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Global Perspectives, Professional Accountancy and Stewardship toward Sustainability provide students with value-added education beyond the standard curriculum and feature courses and experiences that complement and enhance traditional major and minor programs of study.  The certificates demonstrate to prospective employers the accomplishment of additional education guided by each student’s own initiative to better prepare them for life and work in the twenty-first century.

“While a student’s major offers depth in a specific area of study, and minors offer a smaller focus, our Academic Certificates are designed to enhance and enrich a student’s undergraduate education across a breadth of disciplines,” said Ferrum College President Jennifer Braaten. “The goal of earning a Certificate is to open doors to future employment by giving the student an advantage in his or her job search.”

Each of the College’s Academic Certificates offers a distinctly different course of study. The Agricultural Entrepreneurship Certificate enables students to better succeed in businesses that thrive in an agricultural economy. The Global Perspectives Certificate prepares students to be informed, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious members of the national and world community, better able to understand and address cultural and global issues. The Professional Accountancy Certificate provides the academic coursework necessary for students to become Certified Public Accountants and succeed in the workplace as a professional accountant. The Stewardship toward Sustainability Certificate merges three fields of study – bioculturalism, eco-social justice, and stewardship studies – preparing students to become leaders in fields stemming from a multitude of sustainability issues.

“I am confident that incoming students will recognize these certificates as unique opportunities to enrich their learning experience while also giving them an advantage in the increasingly competitive career market, whether the next step is graduate school or their first job,” said Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions Gilda Woods.

For more information about the Ferrum College Certificates Program, visit /admissions/academic_certificates.html .

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