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English Biomass Partners Helps Ferrum College Go Green



Biomass Energy and Research FacilityRichmond, Va. (April 9, 2013) Beginning in April of 2013, Phase 1 of the Ferrum College Biomass Energy and Research Facility will begin supplying thermal energy to the Ferrum College campus.  The facility designed and installed by English Biomass Partners, a joint venture of English Boiler & Tube, Inc. of Richmond, Va. and English Construction Company of Lynchburg, Va. will allow Ferrum College to go green. Ferrum College will be making significant strides to reduce its carbon footprint and soon will become the greenest private college in the state of Virginia. The biomass partners are installing two boilers on the college campus. The boilers will be capable of burning sustainable fuels which will provide thermal energy for the campus’ heat and hot water needs. Furthermore, the boilers will provide electric power, which will reduce the kilowatt demand from the local power company.

In addition to becoming green through carbon reduction, the college will become more energy efficient by way of reduced energy costs. Ferrum College historically uses 150,000 gallons of Number 2 fuel oil to provide heat and hot water to its 1,500 students during the winter months. It also uses propane for other energy needs during the summer months.

Biomass Energy and Research FacilityWith an annual and ever rising budget of $600,000 for thermal energy needs, the College came to English Biomass Partners for help. With the new facility, the college expects to save over $500,000 annually. This amount of savings is estimated to increase annually with the volatile and rising costs of No. 2 fuel oil. In contrast, sustainable fuel costs have been stable with small, if any, annual price increases. Number 2 fuel costs have increased over 16% per annum over the past three years. 

The target markets for English Biomass Partners are those areas where natural gas is not available.  English Biomass Partners designed, built, and helped finance the project to completion. College personnel will be trained and take over operation at the completion of Phase 2.

Please contact Rick English at English Boiler & Tube, Inc. for further information. rickenglish@englishboiler.com / (804) 226-8227 Ext. 315




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